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Recently, truck driving schools have been on the rise in Canada. In Toronto alone, there are over ten truck driving schools that offer various programs for drivers to choose from. This article will help you decide which truck driving schools in Toronto is the best for you by highlighting ten trucking schools in Toronto worth checking out!

How To Get a Truck Driving License in Canada?

If you want to drive a truck in Toronto, then you need a truck driving license. Granted, this is what every person would think of as soon as they hear the word “license.” This section will point out how and when one can get their truck driving license.

First off, there are different types of licenses depending on your country or territory: for example, if the driver resides in Canada, he needs a Commercial Vehicle Operator’s License (CVOL). This license is good until 30 days after you arrive in Canada. This means that if you come to the country by plane, this license is good for 30 days. But it does not apply if you have a medical condition that might require more time to get the license.

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Top Ten Best Truck Driving Schools in Toronto

Are you interested in a career as a truck driver? If so, we have the perfect list for you. The following are ten of the best schools that train individuals to become truck drivers in Toronto.

1.Zab Driving School – Best Truck Driving Schools in Toronto

Zab Driving School,
Zab Driving School

Zab Driving School has been around since 2005. They offer truck driver training for all levels of experience, from beginner to advanced, and in various languages: English, French, and Spanish.

Their truck driver training programs include both classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction, lead by professionally trained instructors who are all licensed truck drivers. They also offer a full range of services for those looking to get their Class One truck driving license (for commercial trucks).

They were founded by owner Samir Zahoui to provide trucking professionals with an opportunity that was not previously available: quality truck driver training in the GTA. ZAB offers truck driver training programs for people who want to learn about driving. The courses are designed based on the person’s level of expertise.

Contact Details:

Offer They Provide

  • 20 hours online/digital course
  • 10 hours of assignments
  • 10 hours of in-car one on one lessons
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2.MD Truck Academy in Toronto

MD Truck Academy is one of Toronto’s best truck driving schools. They offer programs designed to suit the needs of people who want to be a commercial truck driver or who want to be better drivers on the road. They also have instructor training to become certified and teach others how to drive these massive vehicles safely!

Their established date was 2008, but this company has been around since 1997 when two family members from Pakistan founded it. This truck driving school is open to all truck drivers in Toronto. You can take a course, no matter if you are starting or have an established career. There are courses for both people who are new to driving and people who already know-how.

Experience Trainer: Kolin, a truck driver with 20 years of experience in the trucking industry and multiple certifications, including ICBC’s Driver Improvement Course (DIC) for Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers

MD Truck Academy is known as the best truck driving school in Canada for foreigners.

Contact Details:

3.Great Truck Driving School- Trucking School Toronto

Great Truck Driving School, truck driving school in canada for foreigners
Great Truck Driving School

Great Truck Driving School is a truck driving school in Toronto that offers different courses for truck drivers and owner-operators alike. It has experienced trainers qualified to teach an array of trucking skills such as Air Brakes & Instruments (ATC), Tractor Trailer Training, etc. The company attracts many students with its friendly atmosphere and high standards for the training it provides.

Great Truck Driving School is a school that both teachers and students alike because it provides support for them while teaching their curriculums and programs to their students.

  • Established Date: 2009
  • Experience Trainer: ATC Level I – IV.

Contact Details:

  • Address-3625 Weston Road Unit 18 Toronto, ON M9L 1V8
  • Number-(416) 745-1700

Top Ten Best Driving Schools in Toronto

4.Jaz Truck Driving School in Toronto

Jaz Truck Driving School, best truck driving school in Toronto
Jaz Truck Driving School

Jaz Truck Driving School was established in 1980. They offer truck driving courses for all levels, including beginner, commercial learner permit, and hazardous materials courses. Jaz truck driving school is a place in Ontario that teaches truck drivers. As well, they teach people how to drive safely and work with other drivers on the road.

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5.Pine Valley Driving Academy in Toronto

Pine Valley Driving Academy provides truck driver training programs in Toronto. They have a highly experienced and qualified staff that will see an average completion rate of 85%. The school has been running for years with the experience to back it up, making them one of the best trucking schools in Canada.

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Especially since truck driver jobs can be difficult to find, this trucking school offers great opportunities for those who might not otherwise get it without proper qualifications and skills.

-Established: 1980s

The school also offers truck driving courses for those who are already qualified. They can improve skills or learn new things. In addition, professional drivers can find something challenging.

Contact Details:

6.Richards Truck Driving School in Toronto

The truck driving school was founded in the 1980s and offers trucking courses for qualified drivers. They can improve their skills or learn new things. Professional drivers find something challenging at Richards Truck Driving School in Toronto. The truck driving school also provides trucking courses to those not yet qualified but who want to become professional drivers one day.

The truck driving school has experienced trainers, and they share their knowledge with truck drivers.

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7.Friendly Truck Driving School in Toronto

Friendly Truck Driving School,truck driving schools in toronto
Friendly Truck Driving School

Friendly Truck Driving School is one of the best truck driver schools in Toronto for foreigners and Canadians because they are one of those truck driving schools that has training courses from Basic up to HAZMAT Certified license.

You will be given a lot of opportunities on how you want your career path to go, like if you wish to have basic knowledge about trucks or if you wished to something higher such as Hazmat certified, then this place can do it all for you.

Contact Details:

  • Address-9-850 Tapscott Road, Scarborough, Ontario.
  • Number- +1.416.291.9075 and +1.416.291.1144
  • [email protected]
  • Website-
  • Established date: October 2001
  • Success story students: more than 230 truck drivers and trucking company owners across Canada, the United States, and other countries
  • Experience Trainer: 20 years of truck driving experience in the Toronto area.

8.Canada Trust Driving School

Canada Trust Driving School
Canada Trust Driving School

Canada Trust Driving School has been in the trucking business for more than 25 years and is proud to say that we have the most experienced instructors.

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Canada Trust Driving School offers a trucking course for beginners that takes about three weeks with 20 hours of classroom training per week, plus four days of on-the-road instruction. They also have more specific courses such as heavy-duty truck classes, air brakes equipment certification, and tractor-trailer combination driver license endorsement program.

It is one of the best truck driving schools in Toronto because it has trained many successful candidates working at major companies around Canada. In addition, as you can see from their success stories page, they provide employment opportunities!

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9.Crossroads Truck Training Academy in Toronto

Crossroads Truck Training Academy, best truck driving school in toronto
Crossroads Truck Training Academy

Crossroads truck training academy is a truck driver training school that provides professional trucking courses. They offer heavy-duty truck classes, air brakes equipment certification and a tractor-trailer combination driver license endorsement program. Each truck driving course caters to different drivers with the suitable experience needed for each class.

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10.Deep Truck Driving & Forklift Training School in Toronto

Deep Truck Driving & Forklift Training School in Toronto, trucking school toronto
Deep Truck Driving & Forklift Training School in Toronto

Deep Truck Driving & Forklift Training School is one of the best driving schools in Toronto, and they offer truck driving classes for foreigners who want to get truck driver licenses.

Deep Truck Driving & Forklift Training School was started by two truck drivers who know it is like to be a truck driver. They have taught many people how to become professional truckers themselves. Their instructors are from the same field as their students. They know how to teach, and they make sure that everyone has a chance to be successful.

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The Deep Truck Driving & Forklift Training School offers classroom-based courses which last from five weeks up to six months (if you’re enrolled in the course year-round). They’ll teach anyone aged 19.

  • Established Date: 2014
  • Success Story Students: 100% pass rate truck driver license
  • Experience Trainers: 20 years experienced trainer. Provide job placement service once graduate from the school

Contact Details:

Opening Hour:

  • Monday – Thursday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Friday – Sunday: CLOSED


We covered the top ten best truck driving schools in Toronto. We hope you have found a truck driving school to suit your needs and what you’re looking for!