Top 10 Trade Show Software for Your Event Marketing Needs

Trade shows are a great way to interact with potential customers and trade partners. Successful trade show marketing strategies depend on trade show software, which is designed to improve the efficiency of trade show attendees and exhibitors. Trade show software automates the management of trade show registration, event monitoring, attendee check-in, and much more.

This article will discuss ten trade show software solutions that can help you plan your next event successfully!

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Top 10 Trade Show Software

Trade shows are a great way to meet new prospects and generate leads, but they can also be expensive.

That’s why so many businesses turn to trade show software. But with so many options out there, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

We’ve researched for you and have compiled a list of the top 10 trade show software solutions on the market today.

1.Kizeo Forms

trade show software, Kizeo Forms
Kizeo Forms

Kizeo Forms trade show software provides the perfect solution for exhibitors to simplify their trade show experience.

With Kizeo, you can easily collect leads and set up online registration before trade shows even begin. And with real-time analytics tools, you’ll be able to assess your ROI immediately after an event is over!

Company Name: Kizeo


Headquarter: Avignon

Full Address: SAS Kizeo Hamadryade Bât 2, 55 Allée Camille Claudel BP 61252 84911 Avignon Cedex 09 France

2.QuickTapSurvey Trade Show Software

QuickTapSurvey Trade Show Software, virtual trade show software
QuickTapSurvey Trade Show Software

QuickTapSurvey trade show management and trade show survey software is an excellent option for companies in need of a quick way to run successful, well-attended trade shows.

The platform allows you to create free or paid surveys that can be sent out via email invitations from within the application, giving users an easy link to share with their network.

When people at your trade show complete the survey, you will get all their information in one report. This helps you to know what to do for future trade shows.

Company Name: QuickTapSurvey


Headquarter: Mumbai

Full Address: QuickTapSurvey, 67 Yonge Street, Suite 810, Toronto, ON M5E 1J8

3.Communique Virtual Trade Show Platform

 Trade Show Platform,trade show registration software

The Communique trade show software is an excellent choice for saving time and money on trade shows. The platform provides attendees with a private room to set up appointments before the trade show even begins.

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* People can create profiles about themselves at this trade show. They can also upload their resume.

* It also has built-in collaboration tools that allow several clients or employees to work together on projects

Company Name: Communique Conferencing, Inc.


Headquarter: Bethesda

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4.Evalato trade show software

Evalato trade show software, trade show software
Evalato trade show software

Evalato trade show management software is a great way to improve your trade shows. Its simple,easy-to-use interface makes it the perfect solution for all sizes and types of trade show planning. You can use it to manage your trade show logistics, exhibitor information, and even the entire event itself.

  • Evalato is 100% web-based software
  • It’s easy to implement on any website
  • Customizable templates & reports for all users
  • Drag & drop content manager with full control of copy changes from a central location.

Company Name: Evalato


Headquarter: Barcelona

Full Address: Barcelona

5.Lead Retrieval App

Lead Retrieval App

Lead Retrieval App is a web-based app that gives you all the tools to succeed at your trade show.

It’s easy for attendees and exhibitors, which makes it perfect for any size event or organization.

You can use the Lead Retrieval App with Google Analytics Event Tracking & Promo Codes to capture more valuable information about each lead you send through the system!

They also have an API available so you can integrate their data feed into your existing systems.

Features include

  • Attendee list management,
  • customizable registration forms,
  • email marketing integration (newsletter),
  • reporting capabilities,
  • custom branding/logos on materials sent out before the show and in emails after the show has ended.

Lead Retrieval App is one of the best virtual trade show software.

Company Name: Eventdex


Headquarter: Morganville

Full Address: Eventdex, LLC. 281 State Route 79, Suite 208 Morganville, NJ 07751 USA

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6.Chetu Trade Show Software

Chetu Trade Show Software, virtual trade show software
Chetu Trade Show Software

If you need a trade show software solution that is easy to manage and gives your team full control, Chetu Trade Show Software may be the perfect fit.

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Chetu provides powerful tools for marketers at every level of experience. While it’s not as cheap as some other software on this list, its advanced reporting capabilities help justify the slightly higher cost.

With Chetu’s cloud-based platform, you can access your virtual tradeshow from anywhere – even offline! This makes it an excellent choice if your sales teams travel frequently or work remotely often.

Company Name: Chetu, Inc.


Headquarter: Plantation



Pitchview trade show software is great for startups. They can send pitches to investors on time, with the latest information about your company.

Since PitchView is cloud-based trade show software, it makes pitching easier than ever before!

If you are looking to trade show software that is affordable, easy to use, and fast Pitchview trade show platform is just what you are looking for.

Company Name: Pitchview GmbH


Headquarter: Freiburg


ERShow, trade show software

ERShow is trade show software that provides users with a rich variety of features, including an event chat function. However, its most notable feature is the ability to broadcast presentations online so attendees can watch virtual trade shows from home or on their mobile devices.

The trade show software also allows its users to see how many people view the presentation and their geographic location.

ERShow is an excellent tool for event marketers who want to increase audience engagement by allowing trade shows attendees from all over the world to watch virtual trade shows or attend presentations online.

Company Name: EventRebels


Headquarter: Baltimore


This trade show software is for trade shows. However, it has some special features that can help if you attend them often.

– It has a scheduling system with separate schedules for exhibitors and attendees.

– The booth management feature allows you to see your current costs of exhibiting at trade shows quickly.

– Attendees can create their profiles where they list what companies they work for and their expertise in various fields.

– There are a lot of templates that you can use for email. However, they’re already written, and you need to change the information.

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– ShowGo also includes lead capture tools that help identify new leads after trade shows.

Company Name: Seattle Software Corporation


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10.Bartizan Connects trade show software

Bartizan trade show software is designed to manage trade shows of all sizes, from smaller local events to the largest international trade shows. Designed for exhibitors and event organizers alike, Bartizan offers complete customization of your trade show experience. 

  • Trade show registration system
  • Custom page layouts
  • Digital signage capabilities
  • Online ticketing tools 
  • Trade show floor plan

What is Tradeshow software?

Trade show software is a way of organizing trade shows, conferences, and other events. Trade show software keeps track of who has RSVPed to the event. You can also see which booths they have visited. You also get tools for setting up a schedule for each day, sign-in sheets, and more.

How do you host a virtual trade show?

If you want to host a trade show, but don’t have the money or space, think about hosting a virtual trade show. A virtual trade show is where people can go online and watch your presentation without actually being in person at the trade show.

What is the difference between consumer shows and trade shows?

Trade shows are where people in the industry meet. They have many things for trade. Consumer shows are geared more towards the average consumer or “show-goer.” 

A trade show is typically composed of professional attendees interested in the materials presented or the products on display. Trade shows exist for a host of reasons that range from increasing sales to meeting new customers.

These sorts of gatherings focus more on professional development than design showcases or previews. People at a trade show come for information. They don’t just come for fun; they want to find out more about their job.


We hope you’ve found this list of trade show software helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. And if you want a suggestion for the best software for your needs, we can help with that too.