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The software industry is very competitive, and it’s hard to find software that will do everything you need. There are a few things to think about when selecting the software for your pharmaceutical firm, such as the price of software, how long it will take to learn and utilize their program, what features they provide, and how often they release updates with new features/bug fixes. Customer service during business hours and after-hours if required is also a key factor.

This blog post highlights the top ten best software for pharmaceuticals so you can make an informed decision on which one is right for you!

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Top Ten Best Software for Pharmaceutical

Finding the best software for pharmaceuticals can be a challenge. While there are many options, it is hard to know which one will work best in your business and how much time and money you should invest in finding out. 

We’ve researched so that you don’t have to. Our list of the top ten Best Software for pharmaceuticals has been carefully curated based on industry experience and customer feedback to save you valuable time when looking for new solutions.

1.ORION ERP Software

ORION ERP Software
ORION ERP Software

ORION software for pharmaceuticals is very powerful yet easy to use. It can manage every part of your business, including sales, marketing, finance, and HR. It also offers very quick implementation time with unlimited training sessions included at no extra cost!       

The software company behind ORION software services manufacturers worldwide in more than 50 countries with clients from different industries such as Retail/Hospitality, Transport & Logistics, etc. This shows how flexible their software can be when configured correctly for a particular industry or type of client.  

Company Name: Azentio Software Pvt Ltd


Full Address: Azentio Software Private Ltd, 38 Beach Road, #29-11 South Beach Tower, Singapore 189767

2.Horizon ERP Software

Horizon ERP Software, software for pharmaceutical
Horizon ERP Software

This is one of the best software for pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, and drug manufacturers.

Also known as “Pill Investigator,” this software analyzes the production of pills by date/batch number/location, etc. The software also allows users to take part in online training classes with industry experts – which is an excellent feature if you’re new to pharma software! Horizon ERP software can be used across all sectors, including retail chain management, wholesale distribution automation & much more.

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3.EMedStore- EMR software

EMedStore- EMR software, pharma investigator software
EMedStore- EMR software

EMedStore EMR software is a comprehensive and easy-to-use software solution designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s pharmaceutical industry. All organizations, including can use it

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical wholesalers
  • Hospitals & pharmacies
  • Healthcare providers (physicians’ offices)and more!

Company Name: EMedStore


Full Address: A/707, Mondeal Heights, Beside Novotel Hotel, Nr. Iscon Square, S.G. Highway

4.Marg ERP 9+ Pharmacy Software

Marg ERP 9+ Pharmacy Software
Marg ERP 9+ Pharmacy Software

A powerful software package designed exclusively to help pharmacists keep track of their inventory, manage customer accounts and bill payments, and submit reports to government agencies. It’s easily adaptable depending on your needs or any upcoming changes in laws & regulations.

  • Available as Customer Information System (CIS) integrated with Marg Software
  • ERP software can be installed at a single location or multiple sites
  • Specially developed interface to effortlessly integrate billing system with M/R Accounts Payable module

Customized modules like pharmacy management software, including General Ledger Accounting, Billing Management software, etc., are available as stand-alone solutions too!

This one is a must-have pharmaceutical software.

Company Name: Marg ERP Ltd.


Headquarter: Delhi

5.Acme Insight

Acme Insight
Acme Insight

Acme Insight is software for pharmaceuticals that helps with managing the entire life cycle of clinical research.

It offers a complete solution including data management, monitoring, and integration services to help you run your trials more efficiently. The software also provides APIs to be integrated into other systems used by companies in the pharma industry. In addition, this software has been designed to meet all requirements set out by regulators, such as GCP/GMP guidelines.

The software comes at an affordable price, but if users are looking for enhanced features, they will have to pay extra fees accordingly. Acme Insight provides support on weekdays from Monday through Friday during business hours within one hour response time frame via phone or email support request system.

Name- Acme Insight


Headquarter: Satara

Full Address: P-4/4, IT Park, Old MIDC Opp. IDBI Bank Satara-415002 Maharashtra

6.eVitalRx Software

eVitalRx Software, pharmaceuticals software
eVitalRx Software

eVitalRx software has a full suite of software solutions to support the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, including FDA approvals. The software can be used for clinical trial management as well as regulatory compliance. The software uses a cloud-based technology that provides users with access to data anywhere at any time.

Company Name: Equality Healthcare Pvt. Ltd


Full Address: E/1 202, Aaron Elegance, New CG Rd, opp. Radhe Bunglows, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380005

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7.Ecogreen Software

Ecogreen software is software that can be used to monitor and control production processes for the pharmaceutical industry. This software allows you to have all of your data in one place. For example, it can show information from laboratories, pilot plants, or manufacturing plants. In addition, ecogreen software has a lot of good things, like complete compliance management solutions. That means you can ensure that your food is safe and follows the FDA CFR 21 part 11 standards.

8.Uneecops – SAP Business One Software for Pharmaceutical

Uneecops - SAP Business One Software for Pharmaceutical
Uneecops – SAP Business One Software for Pharmaceutical

SAP Business One software is a valuable product as it provides access to some of the best software tools for both new and established businesses. With its user-friendly interface, unrivaled functionality, and scalability that can be customized according to individual needs, this software has everything an enterprise company could want from its software solution.

Company Name: Uneecops Technologies Ltd


Headquarter: New Delhi

Full Address: B-59, Sector 63, Noida

9.SFA360 Investigator Software

This software is to help pharmaceutical companies with risk-based compliance monitoring. This allows them to gather information from many different systems and put it together in one place for analysis.

This software can be used for multiple different pharmaceutical companies trying to look into the compliance of their own company.

It helps them with making sure that they are meeting FDA regulations and global standards within their industry.

They will need to use this software to make data-driven decisions, manage metrics effectively, improve process quality control, and measure overall performance success throughout the organization.

Company Name: C-Square


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10.MEDICIN ERP Software by Software Pharmaceuticals

 ERP Software by Software Pharmaceuticals
ERP Software by Software Pharmaceuticals

MEDICIN software is comprehensive software for the Pharmaceutical industry. It has the features to manage every aspect of your organization. Using this software, you can track and control information related to inventory management, forecasting, manufacturing operations, quality complaints, etc., effectively. More than one person can use this software at a time. You can use it from your computer or mobile phone, and you will never lose any of your data.

Company Name: Medicin consultancy services


Headquarter: Mumbai

Full Address: 90 Mauli, Abhinav Nagar, Borivali east

Which software is used in the pharmaceutical industry?

HIS (Health Information System) is the most widely-used software system in the pharmaceutical industry, with an estimated 100% market penetration. HIS systems are used to manage data for suppliers, marketing agencies, franchisees, and Health Canada. The Agency has received no reports of any issues involving this product since 1992. 

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Users like his system because it’s very dependable and facilitates access to current regulatory information on an international scale.

What is pharmaceutical software?

Pharmaceutical software is a computer-based application designed to help companies make calculations and analyses of what needs to be done for the company’s business plan to succeed. Pharmaceutical software also helps organizations create formulae, project costs, production quantities, matrices, and profit margins. It includes manufacturing information management systems (MIMS), laboratory information management systems (LIMS), and other data analysis tools.

Having pharmaceutical software that can automatically do all your calculations can be especially helpful when lots of steps have to happen within a short period. For example, it can take hours or even days for someone to manually calculate these things, whereas you might only need minutes with the right software package.

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WHAT IS pharma Suite?

The pharma Suite is a web and downloadable app that helps you keep up to date with the latest pharmaceutical industry news, attend trade shows, and view company data – all from your computer or mobile device.

The suite features integrations to share information on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, as well as integration with innovative technologies such as Salesforce (CRM), Maya (3D Animation system), or Unreal Engine (game engine).

What is the full form of ERP?

The short form of Enterprise software is ERP which stands for enterprise resource planning software. The software offers a web-based system that can be accessed from anywhere on any device as long as it has an internet connection.

WHAT IS Pharma Investigator?

Pharma investigators are one of the best tools to use to track down clinical trial records and electronic documents within seconds – making information readily available. This saves time and money and is excellent software for pharmaceutical companies.

What does KPI stand for?

KPI stands for key performance indicators. They show how well an organization is doing. For example, if the company’s revenue has grown more than expected, that is a good indicator of success.


Now that you’ve read about the top ten best software for pharmaceuticals, it’s time to decide which one is right for you. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comment section below, and we will do our best to help!