Top Ten School Bus Routing Software That Solves Your Problem

School Bus Routing Software is the software that helps School Administrators to plan their School bus routes. School Bus routing can be a time-consuming process for School Administrators, but it can be much easier with the right software. This article will discuss the top ten best School Bus Routing Software packages currently available on the market today.

Top Ten Best School Bus Routing Software

School bus drivers are responsible for the safety of students, which means they must be able to plan their routes carefully. If a driver makes an error or takes too many detours, it could result in lost time and money for the school district. 

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As you can imagine, planning out routes is no simple task. This is because there are so many different factors to create a route map, including road conditions, student behavior patterns, and traffic congestion. 

The best way to ensure your buses arrive on time every day is by using software with advanced routing algorithms that take all of these variables into account. With this kind of technology at your disposal, you will have peace of mind knowing that your bus drivers are making wise decisions every day.

1.BusBoss Best School Bus Routing Software

BusBoss Best School Bus Routing Software, best school bus routing software
BusBoss Best School Bus Routing Software

This School Bus Routing software is straightforward to use and includes a point-and-click interface. This School Bus routing solution also comes with an automatic vehicle location system. This will let the school know if there is a problem on the roads. In addition, school administrators can plan routes in just minutes using this simple plugin tool for Google Earth. School administrators will also appreciate adding custom stops, changing stop order and route width for each school bus in real-time.

BusBoss offers a free version of their School Bus routing software that is perfect for small-scale use. The free School Bus Routing solution includes all of the above features with no limits on the number of students or buses tracked!

Company Name: Orbit Software


2.MasterSoft School Bus Routing

MasterSoft School Bus Routing, free school bus routing software
MasterSoft School Bus Routing

This School bus routing software is available for free of cost. It can plan daily routes, track drivers’ locations, and print route maps that are easy to understand & read.

This school bus routing program is software that can help you figure out who will go to school and where they should pick up and drop off the children. It has features for managing fleets of vehicles and also customizable properties.

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3.K-12 Transportation Suite

K-12 Transportation Suite, school bus software
K-12 Transportation Suite

K-12 Transportation Suite is School Bus Routing Software that helps you to manage your school bus routes. It allows organizing, managing, and sharing of information for multiple schools through a single interface. In addition, you can plan safe, efficient student pick-up and drop-off locations using this software.

Educators made this program for educators. It was made to show parents how their children are getting to school. The company that made this is called Schoolwires Inc. Schoolwires has been serving K-12 educational institutions since 1996 when it offered its first online registration service. Schoolwires is a school management system company. It offers software for parents, teachers, students, and administrators to use in their schools.

Company Name: TripSpark


4.EDULOG FleetPro School Bus Routing Software

EDULOG FleetPro School Bus Routing Software
EDULOG FleetPro School Bus Routing Software

EDULOG FleetPro can help schools optimize their transportation routes. This allows the whole system to run smoother and more efficiently, which saves time and money. School bus routing software also reduces errors in billing, so there are fewer mistakes made with student fees.

EDULOG FleetPro is a way for school districts to plan their routes. It can help you find the best route if you have certain constraints, like distance or time. This software can also help your district plan better if they limit what type of vehicles go on the routes.

This is a good tool for students who have special needs. It can help them learn. It has one of the best user interfaces of all the school bus tracking applications out there! It is an effective fleet management solution for any size of the school district.

Company Name: Education Logistics



MyClassboard is a system that lets you know where your children will be going and when they will be there. School administrators can quickly generate route plans with stop locations using this web-based technology for School Bus Scheduling & Management. You can also take a look at the School Bus Routing Software here.

Company Name: MyClassboard

Headquarter: Hyderabad

6.vMax Compass- School Bus Software

vMax Compass- School Bus Software
vMax Compass- School Bus Software

vMax Compass School Bus Routing Software is a complete software solution for your school bus fleet. This system offers a way to track what drivers and routes are doing and how they’re doing. This is helpful if you need to fix a problem area or find out what times of the day there might be problems. All this information is collected using GPS/AVL, live routing & navigation, and other technology.

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vMax School Bus Routing Software will help you achieve low operating costs while achieving high safety standards.

Company Name: Seon


7.BusTracks School Bus Routing Software 

School bus routing software has become the most sought-after school bus-related product. School bus transportation is an important part of going to school. It helps keep the buses on time and safe for you to get home.

This comprehensive system for tracking students’ attendance to classes uses GPS technology with GPRS-enabled devices installed on children’s wristbands or id cards. As a result, schools can track students’ attendance in real-time.

The bus location is plotted on the school site map using Google maps or other mapping tools. In addition, the system sends text messages to parents when their children are late for class, leave early, or arrive home.

Company Name: Advanced Management Software

8.School Bus Manager

School Bus Manager
School Bus Manager

School Bus Manager has many features that can benefit School Districts. School Bus Manager is a program for your computer that helps you plan the routes for the school buses. It helps you to save money and reduce miles by up to 26%.

School managers can optimize daily bus routing with the click of a button instead of spending days on manual route planning.

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Schedules can be configured in real-time; this includes setting different stop times for weekdays versus weekends or other variations throughout the day (e.g., early release Wednesdays). This allows drivers to run multiple “runs” for one bus during the same shift! Schedules may also cover several months so you can plan and make necessary changes when needed. School Bus Manager also helps you with reporting by providing various customizable reports to help communicate your needs in just seconds!

Company Name: School Bus Manager



RouteABus, School Bus Routing Software

This School Bus Routing software is the most user-friendly School bus routing program. Students or teachers can use this School Bus scheduling tool to calculate different routes with ease at school, college, or university levels. It calculates various essential results, such as route length and mileage, which help in determining the overall efficiency of a particular route.

The best part about this School Buses Scheduling Program is that it has been designed keeping both ‘students’ and ‘teachers’ perspectives in mind! If you are dealing with large or small data, this app is easy to work on. It will make the job easier for you.

This School Bus Routing program calculates the shortest or longest route for School Buses, Campus School buses, and other public transport.

10.TrackSchoolBus- Best School Bus Routing Software

TrackSchoolBus- Best School Bus Routing Software
TrackSchoolBus- Best School Bus Routing Software

TrackSchoolBus software provides parents, students, school bus companies, and communities to manage School buses. In addition, track School Bus is available for iPhone/iPad applications to follow the live location of their children’s school bus in real-time.

Company Name: TrackSchoolBus


Headquarter: Pune, Trivandrum

What is bus routing software?

School bus routing software is the process of scheduling and assigning routes for public or private transportation. School bus companies use this technology to plan, schedule, track and manage their fleet operations in one platform.

What is a bus management system?

Bus management system applications manage the School bus fleet by providing information on all aspects of the School Bus Company. School Bus Software is used to schedule, organize and plan daily routes for school buses efficiently.

Why do you need School Bus Routing software?

School routing systems help track the location of your children when they use public transportation like School buses or any other transport service. You can track their route details using school bus routing software. Track School Bus provides live updates about the current location of the students’ school bus based on GPS-enabled devices installed inside it.

Can school bus drivers use GPS?

Yes, School bus drivers can use GPS to track their location and manage School buses.

How do I create a bus route in Google Maps?

You can create School bus routes in Google Maps using the School Bus Tracking application. But, first, you have to select a few points from where you want your school bus to start and end its journey.

What are some of the benefits of School Bus Routing Software?

Bus routing systems offer many significant advantages for School buses companies include: –

  • Route optimization.
  • Real-time information about your fleet’s location.
  • Easy management by providing one platform for School buses.
  • Scheduling and organizing School bus routes in an efficient manner.


If you are looking for a school bus routing software to help with your daily operations, we recommend any ten on this list. We’ve taken time to research and describe each one in detail to make an informed decision about which is best for your needs. Regardless of the option you choose, there will be many perks like increased efficiency, reduced fuel costs, improved safety procedures, and optimized routes. Let us know if you have any questions below!