Top Ten Oil and Gas Companies In Canada 2022 | Biggest Petroleum Company In Canada

Canada is a major oil and gas producer, with about 20% of its economy made up of the industry. The country has the third-largest proven reserves in the world, after Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. The country is also home to one of the world’s largest natural gas reserves.

In this post, we will discuss a list of oil and gas companies in Canada. We also explore how they work with each other in order to make their operations more profitable than ever before!

Oil and Gas Industry In Canada

Canada has a large oil and gas industry, with natural gas production exceeding 109 billion cubic meters. This is the third-largest in North America after Russia (144 bcm) and the United States (302 bcm). The country’s proven reserves were estimated at 11 trillion cubic feet as of 2016.

Canada has oil. It’s called oil sands. They estimate that Canada’s oil sands have 175 billion barrels worth of recoverable petroleum resources – making it one of the world’s largest unconventional sources. Open-pit mining operations extract approximately 80% bitumen by weight from the earth, while less than 60% is extracted through drilling or dredging.

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Top Ten Oil and Gas Companies in Canada

Canada has more than 30 oil and gas companies; below, we will talk about Canada’s top ten and gas companies.

1.Enbridge Inc. -Oil and Gas Companies in Canada

Enbridge Inc.
Enbridge Inc.

Enbridge Inc. is the largest energy company in North America. This Company deals with gas distribution, natural gas pipelines (mainly for Canada), international crude oil transportation, power generation, and renewable projects.

Enbridge has a network that is 27 000 kilometers long. It connects significant provinces such as Ontario and Alberta, Illinois, New York State/New England region in the USA, and parts of Europe, including the UK. The network helps to bring clean fuels from western resources to eastern demand centers. Currently, they have about 11000 employees working across all branches.

The Company was created in 1949 by Mr. T Thiessen. He wanted to create a pipeline to give energy to all Canadians. Enbridge is actively present in Canada, the USA, Germany, and Asia.

  • Industry: Oil and Gas
  • Employees: 11000+
  • Founded: April 30, 1949
  • Revenue Per Year (USD): $37,732
  • Location: Calgary, Canada
  • Website:

2.ARC Resources Ltd- Oil and Gas Companies Calgary

ARC Resources Ltd
ARC Resources Ltd

ARC Resources Ltd. is an oil and gas company that is based in Calgary, Alberta. They explore for new oil and gas sources to produce natural gas liquids (NGLs).

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Since its foundation in 1966, ARC has grown into one of Canada’s largest independent producers of crude oil and natural gas liquids. They operate more than 500 producing wells on their lands across western Canada, including British Columbia and 2000 miles of pipeline systems.

The Company also owns NGL extraction plants near Fort McMurray. These plants extract ethane from natural gas. They are near refineries so that the liquid can be processed into something else like oil or plastic.

ARC Resources Ltd. is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange under the symbols ARX, ARC.WT, and ARC-UN respectively.

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  • Industry: Oil and Gas
  • Employees: 500+
  • Founded: 1996
  • Revenue Per Year (USD): $697.4 million
  • Location: Calgary, Canada
  • Website:

3.Suncor Energy Inc.- Petroleum Companies in Canada

Suncor Energy Inc., oil and gas companies in canada
Suncor Energy Inc.

Suncor Energy Inc. is a Canadian integrated energy company based in Calgary, Alberta. It operates Canada’s largest oil sands facility near Fort McMurray, Alta., one of North America’s most advanced refineries in Sarnia, Ont., and approximately 160 retail locations across Eastern Canada.

  • Industry: Oil and Gas
  • Employees: 13000+
  • Founded: 1917
  • Revenue Per Year (USD): 24,662 Million
  • Location: Calgary, Canada
  • Website:

4.Canadian Natural Resources Ltd

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd, petroleum companies in canada
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd

Canadian Natural Resources Limited is an integrated natural resources company engaged in exploring and developing, producing, and marketing oil sands projects and traditional crude oil. The Company operates primarily in Alberta, Canada. 

The Company’s segments are:

  • Oil Sands;
  • Conventional Operations;
  • Refining & Marketing (excluding its interest in Fort Hills);
  • Peace River Hydro Partnership;
  • Corporate Functions;
  • Exploration & Production Services Division-Operations Segment and
  • Corporate Investments.

It owns interests or controls operations at 100% through Canadian Natural Resources Limited subsidiaries that have ownership interests ranging from 27%-100%.

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  • Industry: Oil and Gas
  • Employees: 9707+
  • Founded: 1973
  • Revenue Per Year (USD): 21.03 billion USD (2018)
  • Location: Calgary, Canada
  • Website:

5.Imperial Oil Ltd is The Top Oil and Gas Companies in Canada

Imperial Oil Ltd, list of oil and gas companies in canada
Imperial Oil Ltd

Imperial Oil Limited is a company that makes and sells gasoline. They send oil from the West to Eastern Canada.

Imperial was incorporated in 1880 following the discovery at Leduc No. One well near Edmonton that Year was Alberta’s first commercial oil producer; its headquarters are now located in London, Ontario. In addition, the Company operates two refineries: one refinery each in Sarnia (Ontario) and Montreal (Quebec).

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6.Cenovus Energy Inc. -largest oil refinery in Canada

Cenovus Energy Inc, oil and gas companies calgary
Cenovus Energy Inc

Cenovus Energy is among the world’s largest integrated energy companies. The Company’s operations are done with oil sands, mining, and upgrading; it also does conventional and heavy crude production; it gathers natural gas and processing and marketing; it generates power from one of the largest hydroelectric facilities in Manitoba. It then refines, transports, and markets what is made.

The Company has a market capitalization of $17 billion (as of January 31). Cenovus trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CVE. It employs about 3000 people across Canada with offices in Calgary, Houston, Denver, New York City, and other major cities.”

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  • Industry: Oil and Gas
  • Employees: 2,300
  • Founded: 2009
  • Revenue Per Year: CAD 21.4 billion
  • Location: Calgary, Canada
  • Website:

7.Crescent Point Energy Corp- Oil and Gas Companies in Canada

Crescent Point Energy Corp, oil and gas companies in canada
Crescent Point Energy Corp

Crescent Point Energy Corp. is one of Canada’s largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies. It has a market capitalization of $17 billion (as of January 31), which trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CVE.”

The Company was started in 1994 when Tom Burchill bought shares. He bought them for 120 million dollars, and he also had to pay 13 million dollars in debt.

8.Encana Corporation- Petroleum Companies in Canada

Encana Corporation
Encana Corporation

Encana Corporation is a Canadian natural gas corporation. It has three major segments: Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream. Encana was founded in 2002 as the result of an initial public offering of its shares.

Since 2010, it operates mainly in Canada with only small operations elsewhere, such as the USA or Algeria. In 2015, Encana had about $53 billion worth of assets. But by 2017, these were reduced to about $14 billion because they were getting rid of them due to the drop in oil prices since 2014. They also didn’t make as much money in 2016-2017 because of this.

In April 2018, John Vickerman became CEO after Doug Suttles announced his resignation on December 12, 2017. It is one of Canada’s largest independent exploration and production companies with an enterprise value of more than $14 billion.

Oil and Gas Company In Pakistan

  • Industry: Oil and Gas
  • Employees: 1916
  • Founded: 2002
  • Revenue Per Year (USD): 6.087 billion USD
  • Location: Calgary, Canada
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9.Husky Energy Inc. In Canada

Husky Energy Inc. In Canada,top oil and gas companies in canada
Husky Energy Inc. In Canada

Husky Energy Inc. is an integrated energy company operating in North America and Western Canada, with the production of natural gas, crude oil, and heavy oil for sale. The head office is in Calgary, Alberta.

Husky also owns three refineries across the country:

  1. Lloydminster Refinery (capacity 50 million barrels per day),
  2. Lima Refinery (capacity 25 million barrels per day) and
  3. Edmonton Par Refinery (capacity 20 million barrels per day).

Huskies have a total number of ~4800 employees worldwide which mainly come from different departments such as upstream operations (~2000 employees), downstream refining operation (~1200 employees), or their retail chain called Husky Gas Stations (~1000 employees).

  • Industry: Oil and Gas
  • Employees: 4800+
  • Founded: 1938
  • Revenue Per Year: C$19.983 billion
  • Location: Cody, Wyoming, United States
  • Website:

10.Parkland Fuel Corp- Oil and Gas Companies Calgary

Parkland Fuel Corp, oil and gas industry in canada
Parkland Fuel Corp

Parkland Fuel Corp. is a company in Canada that sells fuel to people. They have three different kinds of customers: residential, commercial, and industrial.

The Company’s segments are:

  • Retail Marketing; Industrial Products;
  • Oilfield Services Group (Oil Field) ;
  • Aviation Fuels Distribution ‍(Aviation);
  • Pipeline Transportation of Petroleum Products ‍(Pipeline).

Parkland Fuel Corporation owns and operates over 800 fueling stations in Canada. They fuel customers with gasoline, diesel, or jet fuel at airports all across North America.

The Company also sells petroleum products. It sells them through a lot of locations that are on the roads. One is in Edmonton, and it supplies Western Canada, one in Ontario that supplies the Greater Toronto Area, and one in Québec that supplies Eastern Canada.

The Company is also a distributor of aviation fuels at airports in Western and Central Canada, with an aviation fuel distribution facility located in Edmonton.

  • Industry: Oil and Gas
  • Employees: 4390+
  • Founded: 1977
  • Revenue Per Year: 13.92bn
  • Location: Calgary, Canada
  • Website:


How many oil and gas companies are there in Canada?

There are about 500 oil and gas companies in Canada.

What is the largest oil company in Canada?

The Suncor Energy Corporation, formerly known as Petro-Canada, is the largest domestic producer of crude bitumen from Alberta’s tar sands deposits.

Is Canada good for oil and gas?

Yes, Canada offers some of the most promising exploration and production opportunities in the world.


We covered the top ten Oil and Gas Companies in Canada. We hope you find helpful information in this article. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comment section.