Top Ten Fintech Companies in Indonesia 2022

The fintech industry in Indonesia is showing promising growth. As a result, the fintech sector has attracted the attention of many investors and startups, competing to be one of the top fintech companies in Indonesia. Here are ten fintech companies that have been successful so far.

Top Ten Best fintech companies in Indonesia

1. Gopay

Gopay, fintech companies in indonesia

Gopay is one of the fintech companies that has been in Indonesia for quite some time. It was established in 2011, and since then, it has continued to grow rapidly. Gopays services are very useful, especially with e-commerce transactions, because they can be done easily through mobile devices or desktops.

Besides being a fintech also offers other internet payment solutions like virtual cards or wallets, saving users from carrying cash around when shopping online. Gopay service is very simple, safe, and fast, where customers do not need any registration process before using their services on websites that have integrated it into their platforms.

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Headquarters- Planá 67, 370 01 Planá, Česká republika, IČ: 26046768

Number:+420 387 685 123

Email: [email protected]

2. OVO 

OVO , biggest fintech in indonesia

OVO provides fintech services to its users. OVO is one of the biggest fintech companies in Indonesia that are based on blockchain technology.

This company has been operating since 2015, and it offers fintech services for online transactions, payment gateway, money transfer facilities, etc.

It has a fintech wallet that can be used for transactions without any third-party involvement.

OVO is also actively involved in the charity sector by giving part of the profit to charitable institutions. It also provides fintech services for business, e-commerce, or even banking sectors.

Industry: Financial technology

Founded: 25 September 2017

Founders: Lippo Group

Headquarters: Jakarta, Indonesia

locations: Indonesia

Key people: Karaniya Dharmasaputra

Owner: Lippo Group


3. Kredivo

Kredivo, top fintech companies in indonesia

Kredivo fintech company is one of the newest fintech companies in Indonesia that has been operating since 2016.

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It provides fintech services for online shopping and loan facilities given to its users through smartphones or laptops.

The service provided by Kredivo is instant cash loans and unsecured personal loans with low-interest rates without collateral required. However, it only offers a fintech facility for people who have good credit score history, so there is no possibility of getting a bad rate if this service does not match your financial profile.

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This fintech company was established based on three main principles: transparency, convenience, and social responsibility to provide fair access to finance for everyone worldwide regardless of their social status.

Address: Rukan Permata Senayan E52-55, Jl. Student Army No. 21, North Grogol, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta 12210

Number: 0807-1-573-348

Email: [email protected]

4. Doku


Doku is a fintech company that provides fintech services, like payment gateway solutions. Doku also has many brands under its umbrella, such as e-commerce store Tokopedia and travel portal Traveloka. This fintech startup was founded in 2014, Mr. William Tanuwijaya, who worked at McKinsey & Company before diving into the fintech world with his friends. Around 15 people are working on this project full-time within their office located in South Jakarta, Indonesia.



Amartha is a fintech company in Indonesia that specializes in providing financial services for SMEs.

It provides a lot of fintech facilities such as loans, payroll, and many more.

SME business owners from all over the country can apply to get this fintech facility by using their app or website, which is very easy and convenient.

Location: Street Ampera Raya No.16,Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12560

Number: +62 21 2271 5353

Email: [email protected]


Akulaku, fintech companies in indonesia

Akulaku is a fintech company that provides loans, payment gateway, and other services. The Akulaku’s mission is to make their service more accessible for everyone in Indonesia by providing multi-platform channels such as web app, mobile apps (iOS & Android), API platforms s, and offline centers. They also provide fintech education programs on digital finance with many fintech schools from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan.

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PAYFAZZ, biggest fintech in indonesia

PAYFAZZ is a fintech company that focuses on the fintech industry. Their business model is to build a digital financial infrastructure with open APIs for easy integration and payment of services from different fintech companies. In addition, PAYFAZZ allows members to access all fintech products on one platform with no fee or markup applied by other fintech companies.

Address: Menara Prima Lt 6,Jl. DR. The idea of ​​Anak Agung Gede Agung RT05/RW02,East Kuningan, Setiabudi District,

Special Capital Region – Jakarta 12950

Call Center: 021-5011-2000

Email:[email protected]



Fintech company Moka was founded in 2016. The fintech service provided by this fintech company is a financial technology that allows you to make payments, transfers, and other transactions without going through the internet banking page.

Moka provides payment services for customers who use cards from several banks such as BCA, Mandiri, and Danamon with a single account based on the e-wallet concept, which can be used everywhere at any time using mobile phones.

This fintech company has provided facilities like online shopping or buying goods / digital content directly into your wallet via Moka’s website.

Address: Kencana Tower, Business Park Kb. Jeruk, Jl. Meruya Ilir Raya No.10, RT.1/RW.5, Meruya Utara, Jakarta, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11620, Indonesia

Phone: +62 1 500 970

Founded: 2014

Subsidiary: Focus Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Province: Jakarta



PasarPolis is a fintech company created to help people who want to buy and sell gold online. This fintech company offers fintech service with the fintech technology through their fintech website and mobile application. The fintech app is currently available on the Google PlayStore and Apple App Store.

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This fintech company provides fintech service for fintech customers in Indonesia and around the world to provide fintech customer satisfaction and help gold buyers sell their gold easily through a fintech website or mobile application.

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To ensure that fintech customers are satisfied, PasarPolis has adopted a no fintech return policy if a fintech purchase transaction was completed successfully via a fintech website or mobile application. In addition, this fintech company also provides transportation services from P2P sellers to consumers located in urban areas for free.

Address: Tifa Building, 5th Floor,Jl. Kuningan Barat 1, No. 26, Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta 12710

Number : 021 5062 8888 (One Pacific)

Number : 021 5049 8888 (Tifa Building)

E : [email protected]

10. Investree


Investree is a fintech company based in Indonesia. Fintech is defined as ‘financial technology’. It aims to provide fintech services that can be beneficial both for fintech providers and fintech users. One of the fintech services provided by this company is investing in cryptocurrency, which is a digital currency. This fintech firm was established in 2013 with the initial name of Echarge INDONESIA. Now it has changed its name to Investree PERFECT PRIVATE LIMITED. However, it is still an available charge business under the name of charge INDONESIA, which also operates in India through Investree PERFECT PRIVATE LIMITED.

Address: AIA Central Lantai 21, Jalan Jend. Sudirman Kav. 48A, RT05/RW04, Karet Semanggi, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12930


[email protected]


We hope you enjoyed this list of the top ten fintech companies in Indonesia. If there are any questions regarding these or a company to add to our list, please don’t hesitate to contact us!