Affordable Driving Schools in Hamtramck

Driving schools offer driving lessons for the public to learn driving skills. This article will talk about the top ten driving schools in Hamtramck. First, it will give a brief description of each school and what they do. For example, one school teaches kids how to drive. Then, it will list those schools (with their address and phone number) from best to worst according to its own opinion.

Top Ten Best Driving Schools in Hamtramck

If you are looking for driving schools in Hamtramck, Michigan, look no further. This list of the top ten best driving schools has been compiled and ranked by their reviews. These companies have all been reviewed at least ten times and have three stars or higher.

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1.Shondhan Enterprise – Best Driving Schools in Hamtramck

Shondhan Enterprise
Shondhan Enterprise

Shondhan driving school provides driving lessons to children, teenagers, and adults. They offer a variety of courses such as defensive driving for teens and drivers with no experience, after-school driving instruction in preparation for getting their license or just improving driving skills, a driver training courses for those who have lost their licenses due to not maintaining insurance or other violations.

Shondhan Enterprise provides driver training to people of all ages and backgrounds, including teen drivers. In addition, people who have lost their licenses because they didn’t have insurance or other violations can also enroll in these classes.

They offer instructional courses at different times so that you can work and learn. They do this because it is important to have a Lifetime Safety Record. They also provide after-school driving instruction as preparation for getting the learner’s permit at age 16, allowing them to practice driving skills under supervised conditions before taking their road test.

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2.Conant Driving School in Hamtramck

Conant Driving School in Hamtramck, drivers training hamtramck
Conant Driving School in Hamtramck

Content Driving school in Hamtramck offers driver education courses for a variety of learners, including teens. They offer classes on the weekends and weekdays and driving lessons after school hours to help prepare students for getting their learner’s permit at age 16.

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The driving instructors are highly trained and have been teaching drivers since 1970. In addition, this driving school is located right off I-75, which makes it very accessible to those living outside of Detroit or other nearby areas looking to take advantage of this service.

Contact Details:

  • Address: 10323 Conant St Hamtramck, MI 48212
  • Phone number- (313) 478-1135

3.Specialized Road Test Services- driving schools in Hamtramck

Specialized Road Test Services, Best Driving Schools in hamtramck
Specialized Road Test Services

Specialized Road Test Services driving schools in Hamtramck are top driving schools that have helped many people get their driver’s licenses. They offer one-on-one driving lessons and specialized road test services for the different types of learners with various needs and preferences. Justin Golabek is an expert driver trainer. He got a degree and went to school. Then he did something on top of that to make himself even more qualified.

They also offer both group and private driving classes that are specifically tailored to the student’s needs.

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4.A & M Driver Testing in Hamtramck

A & M Driver Testing in Hamtramck, road test in hamtramck
A & M Driver Testing in Hamtramck

Established in 2008, A & M driving school offers an intensive driving course to help learners prepare for their driving test. This driving school also has a major focus on preparing learners for the driving examiner’s examination.

This driving school shares that it provides excellent customer service, so there are always smiling faces who greet clients as they walk through the door of this facility!

The instructors provide helpful feedback to ensure students have all the necessary skills before taking their driver’s exam. In addition, they offer courses designed specifically to accommodate those with busy schedules or family commitments, like evening classes from Monday through Thursday.

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5.Hall of Fame Driving School in Hamtramck

Hall of Fame Driving School in Hamtramck
Hall of Fame Driving School in Hamtramck

Drivers can expect top-quality driving lessons in the Hamtramck, Michigan, located Hall of Fame Driving School. Experienced driving instructors provide individuals driving lessons with a range of flexible schedules to accommodate busy lifestyles and demanding schedules.

These driving instructors want to teach you how to drive. They make sure that you feel safe when you are driving on the road. This driving school offers only certified examiners to take driving tests for students. They want to make sure that you are safe when you drive, and they want it to be affordable for all students.

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6.U-Star Driving School in Hamtramck

U-Star Driving School in Hamtramck
U-Star Driving School in Hamtramck

This driving school provides driving courses with qualified driving instructors. On the first day of your driving course, you will learn things that are very basic to driving, such as basic car operating skills like parking and maneuvering.

They want their students to remain calm when driving in emergencies. They also teach defensive driving, so you know how to drive in different traffic conditions.

Contact Details:

  • Address:1784 University Ave W, Windsor, Ontario N9B 1C4, Canada
  • Number: (226) 221-8886 And (519) 980-8468

7.Grace & Mercy Driving School in Hamtramck

Grace & Mercy Driving School in Hamtramck, driving schools in hamtramck
Grace & Mercy Driving School in Hamtramck

If you want driving lessons in Hamtramck that are very affordable, you can try Grace & Mercy Driving School in Hamtramck. They offer driving lessons to students worldwide, so where ever you come from, they have a driving instructor teaching your language.

During driving classes, you will learn how to drive defensively and react quickly, especially when driving on busy streets.

They make sure the best drivers training Hamtramck.

Contact Details:

  • Address: 22825 Van Dyke Ave Warren, MI 48089
  • Phone number-(586) 239-9213

8.Hallstarz Business Center- Driving School in Hamtramck

Another driving school in Hamtramck that their students recommend is Hallstarz Business Center. You can learn driving classes from them with comfort.

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They have driving instructors working for 24 hours, seven days a week, and they also offer driving lessons online in many languages, including English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Polish, etc.

There are many driving lesson packages available there which you can choose according to your requirements. This driving school in Hamtramck offers different rates for different driving courses, and they also give the best discounts on certain holidays as well.

Drive safely around town and learn how to maneuver around heavy traffic. These people have years of driving experience.

Contact Details:

  • ADDRESS:17301 Livernois Ave,Detroit, MI 48221-2758
  • PH: 313.342.4145
  • EMAIL: [email protected]
  • FAX:313.342.9674

9.Motor City Driving Academy

Motor City Driving Academy
Motor City Driving Academy

The driving school is located in Hamtramck. It provides driving instructors who are highly experienced and licensed to teach you driving lessons. These driving instructors will teach you driving from basic driving knowledge to intermediate level. Apart from driving lessons they also provide tips for parking. They also have their cars, which are safe and easy to drive, which helps students learn to drive with ease and comfortability.

Contact Details:

Office Hours :

  • Their office is open by appointment only – due to Covid-19
  • Available by phone Monday-Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM

10.A&W Driving Education School

A&W driving school is one of the well-known driving schools in Hamtramck. It provides driving lessons with its licensed driving instructors. They have a fleet of cars with safety features and comfortable seats for the students to learn to drive easily. Their instructors are highly experienced.

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We hope this article on the top ten best driving schools in Hamtramck has been helpful. Let us know which school you’ll choose, and if any of these tips helped you!