Top Ten Driving Schools in Connecticut 2022 | Connecticut Driving Schools

You’re driving around Connecticut, and you need driving lessons. Which driving school should you go to?

Where do the best driving schools in Connecticut come from?

What are the top ten driving schools in Connecticut?

This article is about how to get driving lessons, where to find them, and what other people think of these driving schools.

How To Get a Driving license in Connecticut? 

One needs to have a learner’s permit for at least six months before they can move on to the next steps. To get your first driver’s license, you will need proof of identification (such as a green card or passport), pay the fee, and pass your written test.

If you want to drive in Connecticut, you have to pass road tests and hold a certificate. You also need to know Spanish if you live in Hartford County. One last requirement that should be mentioned here is taking vision tests which some states may require.”

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Top Ten Driving Schools in Connecticut

If you are looking for a driving school in Connecticut, this is the place to be. There are so many options to choose from, and we have compiled ten of the best. We hope you enjoy our list and please let us know what your favorite one was! 

1.Epic Driving School in Connecticut

Epic Driving School in Connecticut
Epic Driving School in Connecticut

Epic driving school is located in Bethel, Connecticut. They offer a lot of great options for those who are looking to get their driver’s license as well as learn how to drive and have driving lessons.

Epic Driving School provides driving classes that cover the required DMV tests, including written and on-road exams. The company also offers private driving lessons. For example, you can learn to do things like parallel parking or not turn when they tell you to “turn right at the next street.”

Their instructors are highly experienced and professional.

Epic driving school also offers a free introductory driving lesson to those who sign up for the program! 

The driving lessons are given by teachers who have experience and who are certified to teach. The teachers use cars that have been inspected to make sure they are safe. They offer both manual and automatic driver training programs and classes designed specifically for teens of age 16 or older looking to get their first license.

Contact Details:

  • Address: 273 Greenwood Ave #204, Bethel, CT 06801, United States
  • Phone: +1 203-212-3000
  • Website:
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2.Chase 2 Driving School in West Haven, Connecticut

Chase 2 Driving School in West Haven
Chase 2 Driving School in West Haven

Chase 2 Driving school is one of the best driving schools in Connecticut. This driving school offers driving lessons to all ages.

Their driving lesson instructors are patient, professional, and knowledgeable in driving techniques. Chase Two Driving School also takes pride in being one of the most affordable driving schools around Connecticut.

Chase two driving school teaches drivers to be confident and safe on the road, with their latest features being:

  • Online Video for Driving Test Prep
  • Driver’s Ed Course for Teens/Young Adults (ages 16+)
  • Defensive Driving Courses For All Ages And Skill Levels

Contact Details:

3.A1-Driving Schools in Stratford, Connecticut

A1-Driving Schools in Stratford, Best driving schools in Connecticut
A1-Driving Schools in Stratford

A1- Driving School is the best place to start your driving lessons. For two reasons: driving schools are open six days a week, and they offer weekday evening hours that make it easy for those with busy schedules to fit driving classes into their tight schedule.

Their instructor has driving certifications, is patient, and has a track record of success.

A1- driving school also guarantees that all students will pass the state test on their first try or reimburse them for their lessons.

They provide driving classes based on your level of experience as well as age range and other factors. You can take the practice tests for the DMV test. They are helpful because you don’t have to worry about taking a practice test.

Contact Details:

4.LTD Driving School – Best Driving School in Bridgeport CT

LTD Driving School, driving schools in Connecticut
LTD Driving School

LTD driving school has been in the business for over 30 years. They offer driving lessons and driving classes to all people, regardless of age or experience level! They have a wide range of vehicles that come with experienced drivers, which is helpful for those who are just learning how to drive. The prices start at $35 per driving lesson but can be less if you buy packages.

Their instructors make sure that students feel comfortable while driving before they graduate from their program, so no one feels unsafe on the road after taking their courses.

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Contact Details:

5.New Haven Driving School

New Haven Driving School
New Haven Driving School

New Haven Driving School offers both driver’s education and driving lessons. The instructor has a lot of experience with teaching people how to drive, including first-time drivers, as well as driving refresher courses.

The instructors teach people how to drive safely, and they know the rules from all of Connecticut and Rhode Island. The driving school provides other services. It is good to take defensive driving courses for drivers with tickets or accidents on their records. This way, they can get back behind the wheel without any problems.

Contact Details:

6. Rae’s Driving School in Connecticut

Rae's Driving School in Connecticut
Rae’s Driving School in Connecticut

Rae’s driving school in Connecticut is the best driving school for first-time drivers. It provides driving lessons, refresher courses, and defensive driving classes to people of all ages who want to learn how to drive safely. The instructors are patient with students, and they teach them about road safety rules from all over Connecticut as well as Rhode Island.

The driving teachers will help you understand your mistakes on the roads so that you can be a better driver in the future. You don’t need any previous experience or license because Rae’s will train anyone.

They offer many services including: –

  • One-on-one Driving Lessons
  • Defensive Driver Classes
  • DMV Road Test Preparation Course

Contact Details:

7.Santo Driving Schools in Connecticut

Santo Driving Schools in Connecticut
Santo Driving Schools in Connecticut

Santo Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Connecticut. It provides quality driving lessons at an affordable price.

Their instructors are some of the most experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable people you will find anywhere. They provide a personal approach to teaching with individualized attention given to each student according to their age group and driving experience level.

They also offer discounts on additional sessions if desired by the customer, making it even more convenient for all budgets!

This company offers many different services, including behind-the-wheel training, driver’s education programs, and parent seminars, as well as private home courses available upon request.

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Contact Details:


  • All your driving needs in one place.
  • Classroom Instruction
  • 8 Hour Safety Class
  • Road Instruction
  • DMV Road Test
  • Test Appointments

8. Phil’s Professional Driving School

Phil's Professional Driving School, Best driving schools in Connecticut
Phil’s Professional Driving School

Phil’s driving school has been in business for over 60 years and is one of the most trusted driving schools.

This driving school offers you an opportunity to learn from a professional who currently works as a driving instructor at many different high schools! In addition, they provide the Driving lesson in Connecticut.


They also partnered with several state universities that offer DDP (Driver Development Program). This free program provides students with the necessary classroom instruction and knowledge before they begin their behind-the-wheel training. The course includes 15 hours of instruction on Distracted Driving Laws & Safety Tips; Defensive Driving Techniques/Road Signs; and Traffic Control Devices.

Contact Details:


  • East Haven Location:212 Main St, East Haven, CT 06512
  • North Branford Location: 1719 Route 80, North Branford, CT 06471
  • Number:203-467-5639
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: 

9.Nationwide Driving School LLC

Nationwide Driving School offers driving lessons for people who want to take a driving test or learn how to drive. It is free if you sign up through their company CDL Training Center Inc.

They offer more than just driving lessons. They also have training about handling rental agreements or tips on dealing with road rage if it happens.

The driving school also provides certified instructors with extensive experience teaching drivers of all skill levels, whether just starting or veterans looking for refresher courses.

Contact Details:

  • Address: 9 Dale St, West Hartford, CT 06107-1816
  • Number-860-521-6130
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Website:

10.Hamden Driving School

Hamden Driving School
Hamden Driving School

This driving school has been teaching students of all ages and skill levels since the 1960s.

All their instructors are licensed by the state with a minimum of three years of driving experience, in addition to having attended an accredited driving school themselves.

They also offer driving lessons for those who suffer from anxiety, autism or ADHD, and other special needs. In addition, they have dedicated teachers that serve as mentors during these driving sessions, which helps reduce any stress you may feel while learning how to drive safely on Connecticut’s roads!

Contact Details:


I hope this list of the top ten driving schools in Connecticut will help you navigate your decision about which school to choose. Comment below and let us know what school you think is best!