Top Ten Pathology Lab Software 2022 | Lab Management Software

Pathology lab software is a vital part of any laboratory. It helps streamline processes, increase efficiency and accuracy, and provide data that can be used for research purposes. Best pathology lab software should have the ability to work with different types of equipment and offer compatibility across operating systems or platforms. Ten Best Pathology Lab Software are listed below:

Best Pathology Lab Software

Lab software is expensive and complicated to set up. We know that you’re tired of paying too much for lab software and dealing with an overly complex system. Instead, you want a lab management solution that’s easy to use, affordable, and doesn’t require a team of IT professionals to get running.

These ten Best Pathology Lab Software has all the features you need to run your laboratory efficiently without breaking the bank or hiring staff members who are experts in medical technology.

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1.MocDoc HIMS- Best Pathology Lab Software


MocDoc HIMS offers a simple, intuitive interface that even the least experienced lab technician can master in minutes. In addition, the system integrates with most existing hospital systems and allows users to upload data from other systems via direct integration or CSV files.

MocDoc’s comprehensive reporting tools allow physicians and researchers to make informed treatment decisions based on laboratory results. Best of all: It doesn’t require an IT professional (or any technical training) for installation and setup.

Company Name: MocDoc


Headquarter: Chennai

Full Address: Yro Systems Private Limited, #17, 3rd Cross Street, Swamy Square, Vijayanagar, Velachery, Chennai – 600 042

2.CrelioHealth (formerly known as LiveHealth)


CrelioHealth is a program that helps you to take care of people who need medical attention. You can use it to see what has been happening with them or their test results. It also shows images and lab results. CrelioHealth also supports custom workflows for hospitals. For example, it can make forms for intake or schedule appointments. It can be used for talking to staff members and doctors too.

Best of all? It’s completely open-source!

3.Aarogya – Hospital Management Software

Aarogy, Best pathology lab software

Aarogya is a medical practice management software solution. It organizes the entire work of your hospital in one place so you can focus on what matters – patient care. Using this system, you can read about telephonic consultation, lab reports, and medication administration.

This makes it an All-in-one Hospital Information System which also caters to diagnostic centers, nursing homes, clinics, and dispensaries.

Company Name: Dataman Computer Systems


Headquarter: Kanpur

4.Sara Pathology Management System

Sara Lab is one of the Best Pathology software to manage, organize and report pathology data at a lab. With this system, you can collect patient information from different sources such as phone/fax or email automatically.

The Best part about SaraPathyMgt System it provides multiple reports for various functions with easy search options. In addition, this medical laboratory management system includes advanced features like OCR scanning, barcode recognition technology, electronic signatures, etc., to make your work easier and efficient.

You can do all these things without much technical knowledge required, which makes it a user-friendly & cost-effective solution for any pathology lab.

Company Name: Sara Technologies


Headquarter: Noida

5.eLab- Best Lab Software

best lab software, eLab

eLab is pathology lab software that offers complete flexibility for your medical laboratory. It can manage patient accounts, appointment schedules, test orders, and results in one easy-to-use suite. In addition, ELab is 100% web-based, which means no software has to be installed on each workstation.

eLab offers the following features:

• A complete patient management system with scheduling and appointments

• When you order tests, the menu will show the results. You can also type numbers to do math problems.

• Outputs of all kinds from printouts to customized HTML (or even pdf) reports that can automatically route via email or FTP when they’re ready.

Company Name: Tru-Solutions


Headquarter: Hyderabad

6. MediXcel LIMS

The MediXcel LIMS by Best Labs offers a complete laboratory information management system that is user-friendly. The software has an easy-to-use interface with customizable layouts, forms, and menus for improved workflow.

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This top pathology lab software company in the world has over 50,000 customers, which are spread across 135 countries around the globe. Its USA office provides sales support to all its clients while promoting new product lines through its vast number of worldwide distributors.

This medical laboratory information management solution has many benefits. For example, your data is safe, and you can track your compliance. It is also free to use!

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Company Name: Plus91 Technologies Pvt Ltd


Headquarter: Pune

7.Qmarks Pathology Lab Software

Qmarks Pathology Lab Software
Qmarks Pathology Lab Software

Qmarks is a fully integrated software for pathology labs that operates on the cloud. It has been developed to help pathologists and lab technicians complete their accuracy, speed, and security tasks.

Qmarks software performs all relevant tasks for laboratories, such as sample management, scheduling; diagnosis; report generation, and billing. In addition, it is available at an affordable price with no additional license fees or maintenance charges.

Company Name: Qmarks


Headquarter: Patna


SIMPLEX HIMES, medical lab software free

SIMPLEX HIMES is a pathology lab software that provides full-featured modules for sample management, billing, accounting, inventory control, quality assurance. The company also offers an integrated EMR solution with the same name, which used to be known as DentalEZ Lab Software Suite.

Company Name: INTUIT Micro Technology


Headquarter: Dubai

Full Address: Suite 310, Jumeirah Terrace Building, Jumeirah 1, P.O.Box 172048, Dubai, UAE


free pathology lab management software

eHealthFlex is a comprehensive, scalable system for managing the entire spectrum of electronic information in any modern pathology laboratory. For more than two decades, eHealthFlex has been used by some of the largest and most prestigious medical facilities worldwide.

Company Name: eHealthFlex Technologies Private Limited


Headquarter: Pune

Full Address: 411 Crossroads Building Bhumkar Chowk Wakad Pune 411057



Quartzy is a free online lab management software. It is very simple to use and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. In addition, Quartzy automatically syncs all the inventory levels of your laboratory items, so you always know how much you have in stock or when it’s time for re-ordering.

What is pathology lab software?

This term refers to the software used in the pathology department of hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. The purpose of this type of product is for inputting data into computers so other programs within each lab can process it. For example, results from blood tests are sent electronically via computer networks to different departments where doctors read them or use laboratory information systems (LIS) or hospital information systems (HIS).

Which software is used in the laboratory?

There are two common software packages used in the laboratory: MATLAB and R.

While there may be other options, most customers use the MATLAB or R interface for their analysis.

What is Best Pathology Lab Software?

The Best pathology lab software offers all kinds of features to ensure smooth workflow within a medical institution or clinic’s laboratory. This product includes its own set of modules, and it also integrates with other systems. It makes accessing patient information easier because you can get more info without switching screens on your computer. In addition, it provides real-time results management, making it easier for physicians to report right away when they need them.

It is also designed with an interface that allows the user to access and manage information for multiple users at a time, improving workflow and productivity.

How does a laboratory information system work?

A laboratory information system is an enterprise-level software program designed for use by healthcare entities, including hospitals and laboratories. A lab management suite includes modules used to run a testing facility of any kind, from small specialty labs to large hospital departments.


We hope you enjoyed reading our list of the ten best pathology lab software. If you want to know more about this or need help finding a great piece of pathology lab software for your business, please comment below, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!