Top Ten Airport in Libya 2022

Libya has several airports, but there are ten that stand out from the rest. The airport in Libya is an important part of their economy and culture. The airport in Libya provides many different services to passengers, including restaurants, shops, and more.

Here are the top ten best Airport in Libya:

Top Ten Best Airport in Libya

Libyan airports are not well-known, but some have been ranked among the best in the world. Here is a list of ten of the best Libyan airports.

1.Tripoli International Airport

Tripoli International Airport- Airport in Libya
Tripoli International Airport

Tripoli International Airport is the main airport in Libya. It handles more than half of the total number of passengers coming in and out.

It is located about six miles away from downtown Tripoli, Libya’s capital city. The airport has three main terminals; Terminal A Airport for international flights, Terminal B Airport for domestic flights within Libya, and a VIP terminal at the north end, which Muammar Gaddafi formerly used as his private airfield.
Tripoli International Airport has a lot of different services. You can find food that you like, and there are shops with things to buy. There is also an office building where you can do work while you wait for your flight.

Address: طريق المطار، Libya
Phone: +218 94-4297241
Code: TIP
Elevation: 262′
Hub for: Afriqiyah Airways, Buraq Air, Libyan Airlines
Serves: Tripoli
Opened: 1934
Closed: July 2014

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2.Benina International Airport

Benina International Airport, busiest airport in libya
Benina International Airport

The Benina Airport is the second busiest airport in Libya. The Airport was founded on April 16, 1943, as a military airbase and has since been renovated to become Tripoli’s primary civilian international Airport.
This Airport offers various services, including currency exchange, telecommunication, and cargo freight facilities for international passengers.

This Airport also has a frequent shuttle system that provides services to Libya’s capital and other major airports. Benin international Airport is one of the largest airports in Libya.
The airport covers approximately 59 hectares and is managed by the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority (LCAA). The Airport is home to many international airlines such as Middle East Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways, and Lufthansa German Airlines AG.

Address: Baninah, Libya
Code: BEN
Elevation: 433′
Serves: Benghazi

3.Misratah Airport

Misratah Airport, main airport in libya
Misratah Airport

Misratah Airport is an international airport. It has one runway that can be used to land a variety of aircraft, including Boeing 747 and Airbus 321, with a takeoff distance of 12000m from the threshold (a datum point at the start or end of a runway). The Airport provides passenger services for over 250,000 visitors per year. It operates 24 hours daily and offers parking for up to 600 vehicles.

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There are two operational taxiways and six aprons available for handling cargo operations; each storage area comprises four warehouses with a total capacity exceeding 500 tons/hour on ground loading ramp facilities in addition to office buildings accommodating various administrative offices as well as VIP lounges, security rooms etcetera. This Airport is one of the busiest airports in Libya.

Address: Misrata, Libya
Code: MRA
Elevation: 59′
Opened: 1998
Serves: Misrata

4.Gamal Abdel Nasser Airport

Gamal Abdel Nasser Airport Airport is located in Tripoli International Airport. It is the largest airport, and it also acts as a hub for Libyan Airlines, Afriqiyah Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Royal Jordanian Airline Company. The facility has two runways, with one being used exclusively by military aircraft.
This airport was built when Italy had control of Libya. But it became fully operational after Gamel Abdel Nassar became leader. He took control after the British supported King Idris I until he was overthrown.

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Airport type- Military
Operator- Government
Location- Libya
Elevation - AMSL 519 ft / 158 m

5.Kufra Airport

Kufra Airport,the largest airport in libya
Kufra Airport

Kufra Airport is situated on the east side of Libya and has only one runway. The airport’s aviation fuel gas station opened in 2011; it can provide service to a maximum aircraft capacity of 15,000 liters per hour.
This airport does not have any facilities available for passenger use, except small shops selling newspapers, cigarettes, chewing gum, and so forth.

There are no hotels near this airport, but some restaurants offer food services such as sandwiches, pizza chains, and others.

Address: 58G7+M88, Al-Jawf, Libya
Code: AKF
Elevation: 4,485′
Serves: Al-Jawf

6.La Abraq Airport

La Abraq Airport
La Abraq Airport

La Abraq Airport is an airport located in Labraq 535, Libya. It was formerly known as Mitiga Airport and King Idris International Airport before the Libyan civil war of 2011.

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This airport has a restaurant with vegetarian options. There are also souvenir shops and car rental services. The best part about this Airport is their security department which has been well-trained to handle emergencies such as medical situations or securing the area when there’s mechanical trouble on board any plane parked at their facility. They also have free wifi for all its customers to browse through social media sites while waiting for flights from time to time, especially if you’re traveling alone.

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Address: الطريق العامه الابرق، 1, Labraq 535, Libya
Phone: +218 92-2182723
Code: BCQ, LAQ
Serves: Al Bayda

7.Gardabya Airport

Gardabya Airport is located in Sirte, Libya. The airport handles most international flights to and from the country’s capital. In addition, it’s one of two major airports that serve as hubs for Libyan Airlines (the other being Al Fattah al Andalusi).

The airport has one terminal building with five gates that offer duty-free shops, restaurants, health clinics, business centers, and banks. There are also conference rooms available for airlines or their agents before a flight departs or after it arrives at the airport.

Airport type-Military/Public
Serves- Sirte, Libya
Elevation -AMSL 270 ft / 82 m

8.Ghat Airport

Ghat Airport
Ghat Airport

Ghat Airport is one of the busiest airports in Africa. It was bombed during the Libyan Civil War but reopened for limited commercial flights on October 29, 2011. Flights are operated by several carriers, including Afriqiyah Airways, Air Libya International Airlines (AILIA), BMI regional, and Libyan Wings, among others. The terminal handles approximately 700 passengers per hour with 12 check-in desks and 11 stands equipped with boarding bridges.

Address: Libya
Code: GHT
Elevation: 7,533′
Serves: Ghat

9.Ghadames East Airport

Ghadames East Airport
Ghadames East Airport

Located on the coast of Murzuq plain, Ghat Airport is an airport located near Ghadames. It’s a military airbase that can only be used by Libyan Government aircraft and foreign ones with permission from the government. There are no scheduled flights to this airport as it has not been developed for commercial use yet.

Address: 4PW3+G8X, Ghadamis East, Libya
Code: LTD
Elevation: 3,681′

10.Ubari Airport

Ubari Airport
Ubari Airport

Ubari Airport is located in the Ubari District, Fezzan Region, Libya. The airport serves as a public facility, and it has two runways. It occupies an area of around 43 hectares. This Airport was opened on July 17, 2011, and can be accessed by taking the road from Sabha to Sebha via Sirte or through Nalut in Algeria-Tunisia border junction.

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In 1984, it served as a military airbase for Libyan Arab Airlines (LAA) when LAA flights were canceled due to financial difficulties caused by UN sanctions against Libya during that period. On August 17 2012; Libyan National Oil Corporation announced the opening this Airport with other airports like Tobruk Airport in Benghazi and Misrata Airport

Address: HR9C+9G3, Awbari‎, Libya
Code: QUB
Serves: Awbari‎


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