Top Ten Airport in Laos 2022 | Laos Busiest Airports

Laos is one of the beautiful countries in Southeast Asia with its rich culture and tradition. Laos has an Airport which provides transit to other airports around the world. This article will talk about the best airport in Laos. It will go over their facilities and what makes them the best. It will help you know more about these airports before you visit this country.

Top Ten Best Airport in Laos

A traveler’s must-have is a list of the best airports in Laos. This blog post will give you an overview of the top ten airports in Laos and what you can expect from each one. Whether it be for business or pleasure, this article will help make your travel experience more enjoyable.

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1.Wattay International Airport

Wattay International Airport- Airport in Laos
Wattay International Airport

Wattay International Airport is one of the best airports in Laos, with a lot of facilities and services, including parking, check-in counters, baggage claim areas, terminal building. It provides Nok Air flights from Bangkok to Vientiane and Lao Airlines from neighboring countries like Vietnam. In addition, it also has an all-weather runway open 24 hours for both domestic and international flights.

Other Services: security screening checkpoint; onsite restaurants; duty-free shops; cafés; meeting rooms available by reservation only at King Kong Hotel (within walking distance); car rentals are available through the service counter near Terminal Building Door No. 11.

Address: 19 ຖະໜົນສາຍລົມ, Vientiane, Laos

Phone: +856 20 55 608 955

Code: VTE

Elevation: 564′

Hub for: Lao Skyway, Lao Airlines

Number of runways: 1

2.Luang Phabang International Airport

Luang Phabang International Airport, international airport in laos
Luang Phabang International Airport

Luang Phabang International Airport has an elevation of 345 meters and is situated in the southern part of the city. It spanned over a land area of 500 square kilometers and was formerly known as “Luang Prabang Airport.”

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Luang Phabang International Airport is one of the best airports in Laos. The Airport in Laos also offers passengers amenities such as money exchange booths, shops for goods and services, currency dispensers, departure boards displaying the flight information of arriving or departing flights, car rental agencies, and parking lots with rates ranging between $0.75- $20 per day depending on the type of vehicle hired.

Address: Phetsarat Rd, Luang Prabang, Laos

Code: LPQ

Elevation: 955′

Hub for: Lao Airlines

3.Ban Huoeisay Airport

Ban Huoeisay Airport, laos international flights
Ban Huoeisay Airport

Ban Huoeisay Airport is a small regional airport with limited facilities, but it has significant importance for several reasons. This is the first or last stop for people who are coming to Luang Prabang. People need to transfer here if they want to go somewhere else in the country; secondly, as one of only four airports nationwide that serve domestic destinations (Vientiane’s Wattai Airport; Phonsavanh Airport serving Xaisomboun Province; Pakse Airport).

Ban Huoeisay Airport also offers Lao Airlines services between Vientiane and Luang Prabang.

Ban Huoeisay Airport also houses a small military installation, with the Air Force training school located here. However, its limited facilities are not an airport for commercial passenger use but function as Lao’s defense system.

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Address: 十字路口, Huay Xai, Laos

Code: HOE, OUI

Elevation: 4,528

4.Luang Namtha Airport

Luang Namtha Airport,best airport in laos
Luang Namtha Airport

This Airport is located in XC32+M7X, Luang Namtha. The Airport was opened on May 18th, 2017, and it can serve up to 550 passengers per hour with the capability of handling 120 aircraft at any given time. It has a single runway that measures 1250 meters long and 45 meters wide.

There’s also an airport hotel built nearby for convenience where travelers can stay while waiting for their next connecting flight or during layovers between regional destinations. In addition, Luang Namtha Airport provides refueling services like fuel tanks and refueling trucks and a fire-fighting service that protects the Airport from accidents.

5.Oudomsay Airport

Oudomsay Airport, Airport in Laos
Oudomsay Airport

Oudomsay Airport is an airport in Oudomsai, Laos. It serves the capital Vientiane and has one runway, which measures 800 meters long by 45 meters wide (2640 ft x 148 ft).

Oudomsay Airport was built during World War II as part of a major strategic initiative to provide air support for Japanese ground troops fighting Allied forces in northern Burma. The facility was used a lot before it stopped being used. Then the facility started again in 1960, and flights left from there to Southeast Asia.

Address: Muang Xai, Laos

Phone: +856 20 29 113 523

Code: ODY

6.Pakse International Airport

Pakse International Airport
Pakse International Airport

Pakse International Airport is one of the biggest airports in Laos. It’s located in Pakse, Champasak Province. It has a runway that is 1000 meters long and 60 meters wide, with the capacity for one Boeing 747 or Airbus 320 sized aircraft at the same time. Airport facilities include customs offices, immigration offices, baggage claim areas (with carousels), and a business center, hotel accommodations, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Address: 13, Pakse, Laos

Code: PKZ

Elevation: 351′

7.Xieng Khouang Airport

Xieng Khouang Airport, laos international flights
Xieng Khouang Airport

Xieng Khouang Airport is located in the northwest of Laos, near the border with China.

The Xieng Khouang Airport has a single runway that’s equipped for night operations. There are two passenger terminals and one cargo terminal at this airport. Passengers can go between these buildings without going outside when waiting for their flight or picking up luggage.

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8.Attapeu International Airport

Attapeu International Airport
Attapeu International Airport

Attapeu International Airport is the eighth-best airport in Laos because it has a runway of 900 meters long and 45 wide. The country’s second international airport, Attapeu Airport, opened for public use on July 30th, 1990, and now handles flights from Vientiane to Phnom Penh as well as domestic destinations.

The airport terminal has 300 passengers and consists of two check-in desks, three boarding gates, and one baggage claim. Airport services available include car rentals from various onsite vendors and refreshments for travelers in the arrivals area.

Airport type -Public

Owner – Lao government

Serves – Attapeu

Location – Saysetha District, Laos

Elevation – AMSL 105 m / 345 ft

9.Nathong Airport

Nathong Airport
Nathong Airport

Nathong Airport is an airport located near the town of Pakse, Champasak province. It was reopened as a civilian facility on October 17th, 2013, after being closed for over 20 years due to political instability.

Address: C398+9J7, Sam Nuea, Laos

Code: NEU

10.Savannakhet Airport

Savannakhet Airport
Savannakhet Airport

This Airport is in the town of Savannakhet. It has a single runway that measures just over 1800 meters, and it can handle aircraft up to Boeing 747 size. The airport also features an instrument landing system for low visibility conditions as well as an Instrument Landing System with Distance Measuring Equipment (ILS) that helps guide pilots on approaches during daytime hours.

Address: HQ47+P6F, Savannakhet, Laos

Phone: +856 41 212 140

Code: ZVK

Elevation: 509′


We hope you find this article helpful. If you are planning to travel soon, then be sure to keep these airports in mind when deciding where to fly out of!