Seven Airport in Jordan 2022 | Biggest Airport in Jordan

Jordan has many international airports, but which are the best? To find out, we need to look at several factors. These include cost, convenience, and amenities. Before you go on a trip, make sure to do some research. You might have to fly domestically, and Jordanians don’t need visas. Here we discuss the top seven best Airports in Jordan with the facilities and service they provide.

Top Seven Best Airport in Jordan

Jordan is a country that has so much going for it. It’s rich in culture, history, and natural beauty. From the ancient city of Petra to the Dead Sea, Jordan has something for everyone who visits. There is also an abundance of beautiful airports at which one can land to explore this amazing country. Here are our top Seven favorite airports in Jordan! 

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1.Queen Alia International Airport

Queen Alia International Airport- Airport in Jordan
Queen Alia International Airport

Queen Alia Airport is the largest airport in Jordan. Located 16 kilometers north of Amman, it serves as a hub for Royal Jordanian Airlines and its subsidiaries such as Arab Wings, Sky Express, Jazeera Airways. It operates 24 hours per day, handling more than 25 million passengers annually with over 120 destinations worldwide.

This airport has been upgraded to include new facilities like duty-free shops and cafeterias. Terminals B&C has a lower annual passenger capacity but also provides services like cafes and bars. Queen Alia International Airport is the Best Airport in Jordan.

2.Aqaba King Hussein International Airport

Aqaba King Hussein International Airport, largest airport in Jordan
Aqaba King Hussein International Airport

Aqaba King Hussein International Airport has two terminals. One for international departures and one for domestic flights. The airport is located on the Mediterranean coast, about 15 km south of the Aqaba city center. It’s considered the major hub in the eastern Jordanian region, and it was listed among the world’s top 20 airports by Skytrax 2017 survey list.

This airport has many facilities. There are restaurants, shops for duty-free goods before your flight or after you arrive at the terminal building. There are also lounges with Wi-Fi service where you can go before your flight takes off.

Address: Airport St, Aqaba 77110, Jordan

Departments: قسم جوازات مطار الملك حسين‎

Phone: +962 3 203 4010

Code: AQJ

Elevation: 174′

Focus city for- Royal Jordanian

Serves: Aqaba, Jordan

3.Amman Civil Airport

Amman Civil Airport
Amman Civil Airport

The Amman Civil Airport is the largest airport in Jordan. The Airport has four terminals with over 26 million passengers every year and handles flights to many international destinations, including Europe, Asia, U.S., Africa, and Australia.

It also operates domestic routes primarily from Queen Alia Airport. In addition, it serves as a hub for Royal Jordanian Airlines, which flies internationally across 50 destinations on six continents. The terminal includes two passenger lounges: Business Class Lounge near Gate 14A and VIP lounge near gate 16B are open 24 hours daily (except during prayer time).

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4.H-4 Air Base

H-4 Air Base- Major Airport in Jordan
H-4 Air Base

The H-04 Airport is one of the major airports in Jordan. It is in Amman, and it can serve people from outside of Jordan and for flights within Jordan. The airport provides a full range of things, including cargo rooms. It also has passenger amenities and commercial offices, as well as general aviation activities. This airport also serves military aircraft. These planes are used for missions in Iraq to save people or for patrolling the borders of other countries.

Address: G5QW+3V2, Ruwaished, Jordan

Elevation: 681 metres (2,234 ft) AMSL


5.Muwaffaq Salti Air Base

Muwaffaq Salti Air Base, Best Airport in Jordan
Muwaffaq Salti Air Base

Muwaffaq Salti Air Base Airport is one of the largest airports in Jordan. The Airport has a single runway that extends to 16 400 meters, and it can accommodate all types of aircraft from small jets to large cargo planes like the Antonov 124.

The Airport is located 120 kilometers from Amman. This airfield has a passenger service for all people traveling to King Hussein International Airport in Amman.

Muwaffaq Salti Air Base Airport operates with international standards by organizing its operations according to ICAO procedures which have improved safety and quality control at airports worldwide.

Operator: Royal Jordanian Air Force; 407th Air Expeditionary Group

Elevation: 519 metres (1,703 ft) AMSL

Built: 1918, 1976–1980

6.Prince Hassan Air Base

Prince Hassan Air Base, Airport in Jordan
Prince Hassan Air Base

Prince Hassan Airport is the largest airport in Jordan, being one of only two commercial airports in Amman. The Airport has a single terminal with three gates, and it’s located about 20 kilometers from downtown Amman, just opposite the city center.

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It was established as an airbase by King Hussein I on November 16th, 1955, while he was still a crown prince and so carried his name for more than 50 years before being renamed after him in 1999 following his death (1999).

This Airport also houses King Abdullah II Royal Jordanian Air Force Academy, which trains all officers commissioned into the Royal Jordanian Arab Army – Military College.

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7.King Hussein Air Base

King Hussein Air Base Airport is situated in Mafraq, Jordan. The airport was opened on July 27th, 1964, and it operates domestic flights from Amman to Aqaba and border crossings with Saudi Arabia.

King Hussein Airport has a runway of 2000 meters long and 60 meters wide, accommodating aircraft such as the Boeing 747 or Antonov An 124.

It provides facilities for passengers, including an international arrivals terminal equipped with immigration counters attended by Jordanian officers who speak English, Arabic, French, German, and Hebrew; customs control section where luggage may be checked through before departure; currency exchange booths; ATM machines, etc.

Address: 9734+VVF, Al-Mafraq, Jordan

Code: OMF

Serves: Al-Mafraq


We hope you find this article informative and helpful. If you plan to visit Jordan, these seven airports should be on your radar for their facilities and services.