Top Ten Airport In Honduras 2022 | Honduras Busiest Airport

The airport is the most important place for any traveler. Honduras has a lot of airports, but not all are created equal. This article will help you find the Best Airport in Honduras that best suits your needs and budget. Here we go!

Top Ten Best Airports in Honduras

Honduras is a beautiful country, with many amazing spots to visit and things to do. But sometimes it’s hard for tourists to explore the country. And that’s because we can’t find a good airport! Thankfully, this blog post has got you covered; read on for our top ten list of best airports in Honduras.

1.Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport

Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport, busiest airport in Honduras
Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport

Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport is the country’s main airport. It handles more than three million passengers per year and has a capacity for up to six million people yearly, with four runways, of which two are currently operational. This is the best airport in Honduras.

The airport also has an onsite hotel and conference facility called Aeropuerto Hotel & Conference Center Honduero (AHCH). In addition to being one of the most modern airports in Central America, it is also known as a hub for various international airlines such as American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines. There are plenty of restaurants nearby, too, if you’re looking for some food after your flight!

Short Details:

Code: SAP
Elevation: 27 m
Serves: San Pedro Sula

2.Toncontín International Airport

Toncontín International Airport, best airport in Honduras
Toncontín International Airport

Toncontín International airport is one of the busiest in Honduras. It’s located at Tegucigalpa, which has a population of 209 thousand people and a total area of 119 square kilometers (46 sq mi).

The airport was named after Juan Ramón Jironza, who served as president from 1929 to 1932. This airport handles about 20 flights every day, with an annual passenger count of just over 500 000 passengers per year.

There are some shops for travelers. Travelers can buy things that cannot be bought anywhere else but in this airport. Some people buy these things before they leave the airport or go to another country.

Short Details:

Code: TGU
Elevation: 1,004 m
Owner/Operator: EMCO S.A
Serves: Tegucigalpa

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3.La Ceiba Airport

La Ceiba Airport, Largest airport in Honduras
La Ceiba Airport

La Ceiba Airport is located in La Ceiba, Honduras. It is one of the Largest airports in Honduras. It offers airport transportation to the city center and all nearby neighborhoods and free shuttle service around town for airport passengers. In addition, there are car rental companies onsite, and they offer the normal price rates that you would find outside of an airport terminal building.

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In addition, there’s a small convenience store inside where one can buy drinks or snacks at higher prices than what’s found just upfront near the security screening point. The airport has two gates but only one runway, making landing more difficult during rainy weather conditions due to low visibility.

Short Details:

Code: LCE
Elevation: 15 m
Serves: La Ceiba

4.Utila Airport

Utila Airport
Utila Airport

Utila airport is located in the North-East of Utila, and it has regular air service from San Pedro Sula. The airport only handles small aircrafts such as piper planes or other small passenger jets that can carry 12 passengers. It’s a very friendly airport with excellent customer service where they will help you get your luggage forwarded anywhere on the island – ask them!

This airport also provides various ground transportation services for tourists who need assistance getting around and cannot rent their vehicle because of age restrictions or any other reason.

Short Details:

Code: UII
Serves: Utila
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5.Guanaja Airport

Guanaja Airport, Honduras international airport
Guanaja Airport

Guanaja airport located in Guanaja, Honduras. The airport has a runway of almost 3800 feet and can handle airplanes up to Boeing 737 size planes, with passengers being around 100 people at any given time.

This airport is known to have a safe runway. Pilots say it is safe because there are no obstacles or anything else that could cause an accident.

Airport services include a Checked baggage area, Duty-free shop, Restaurants/Coffee shops (inside the terminal). In addition, smaller terminals are available outside the airport if needed for small aircraft like helicopters or regional flights inside Honduras.

6.Puerto Lempira Airport

Puerto Lempira Airport
Puerto Lempira Airport

The airport in Puerto Lempira is one of the busiest airports in Honduras.

The facility has a runway, which measures 1200m x 30 m, and it’s also used for general aviation purposes with an elevation of 13 feet above sea level (ft ASL). It can serve up to 600 passengers per hour or 12000 people per year on average. Unfortunately, the airport doesn’t have any navigational aids such as NDBs, VORs, ILS courses, so you’re advised to contact ground control before landing or departing from this airport.

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You’ll find aircraft parking spaces that are located 400 meters northeast of the airport building itself.

Short Details:

Address: 766F+VR3, Puerto Lempira, Honduras
Code: PEU
Serves: Puerto Lempira

7.Tela Airport

Tela Airport
Tela Airport

One of the busiest airports in Honduras, Tela airport is a hub for regional flights to Guatemala. The airport has limited facilities, but it serves as an excellent stopover on long trips. 

The airport offers one restaurant and two small shops. There are also some basic services like ATMs, telephones, post offices, and internet access available from various providers.

Tela airport operates 24 hours, with international arrivals coming through at night, which means there is no need to rush when you arrive!

Short Details:

Code: TEA
Serves: Tela
Address: QGGG+JXV, Tela, Honduras
Phone: +504 2235-6890

8.Brus Laguna Airport

Brus Laguna airport is located in Brus Laguna, Honduras. It has one runway and three terminals with a total of about 500 parking spaces onsite. The airport can handle airplanes that are up to B757s without people or cargo. This is because there are no jet bridges available so ground crews need to take the bags out of the airplane’s hold onto carts that go into buildings to get them offloaded and loaded.

During Hurricane Mitch, this airport in Honduras was used to land planes because it had better overhead height than the other airport. However, this airport remained closed due to damage caused by winds from the hurricane.

Short Details:

Code: BHG

Serves: Brus Laguna

9.Copán Ruinas Airport

Copán Ruinas Airport
Copán Ruinas Airport

Copán Ruinas airport is located in Copan, Honduras. It takes about 20 minutes from the airport to reach the town of Copán. The airport has a runway length of 2500 meters, and it can handle small aircraft like Cessna 208 Caravan or Convair 240/340 with weights up to 2859 kg (6250 lbs).

The terminal building built-in 1978 is relatively new for an airport system over 50 years ago. This airport offers parking space for light vehicles, baggage belts, passenger check-in counters, and offices to handle passengers’ formalities and services such as medical care, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, flight information service offices, and car rental facilities on site.

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Short Details:

Code: RUY
Serves: Copan Ruinas
Address: CA-11, Honduras

10.Choluteca Airport

Choluteca Airport
Choluteca Airport

Choluteca Airport is the tenth busiest airport in Honduras, and it serves around 500,000 passengers a year. In addition, the airport has two terminals served by four airlines providing local flights to other parts of Central America, including Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Belize.

Short Details:

Serves: Choluteca

Phone: +504 3150-7134


1.What is the name of the international airport in Honduras?

Answer: That would be the Toncontin International Airport. It is located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
As of this writing, there are a total of 3 international airports found in Honduras called Tegucigalpa Airport, San Pedro Sula Airport, and La Mesa Bajo Grande Airport.

2.How many airports are there in Honduras?

There are more than 37 airports in Honduras.

3.What is the most dangerous airport in Honduras?

La Ceiba is the most dangerous airport in Honduras. The airport has been fraught with drug trafficking and violent crime for years, but recent attacks resulting in fatalities seem to have escalated fears among travelers. A case of violence that prompted a shutdown last November was one of many where security forces battled gunmen at La Ceiba’s airport entrance.

Sources say there are still shootings and disruptions on both arrivals and departures after flights land at night, which means authorities continue to grapple with safety — even as they look for ways to invest more money into making it a better place for people to visit or live.

4.Why is Honduras airport so dangerous?

No one knows what causes this anomaly, and even the pilots are confused about how an airport can be in such violation of safety precautions. However, the most widely accepted explanation is that the runway was built with limestone around a large hole that houses some forgotten ancient ruins.


We hope you found this article interesting and useful. If you would like to find out more about the best airports in Honduras, please let us know!