Top 10 Largest Airport in Haiti 2022 | Haiti Airport

There are many airports in Haiti, but we have narrowed it down to the top ten. We wanted to make this list as helpful and accessible for you as possible to find the best airport near your location quickly. Some of these airports may be a little more off-the-beaten-path than others, but they’re all still worth checking out!

Top Ten Best Airport in Haiti

The list of Haiti’s top ten best airports is a very important topic as it determines how good your trip will be. If you’re looking to ensure that your flight experience goes off without a hitch, then this is the post for you. As many travelers know, not all airports are created equal. Here is a list of some good and reliable airports in Haiti. This will help you know where to go when traveling there.

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1.Toussaint Louverture International Airport

Toussaint Louverture International Airport is the best airport in Haiti. It handles all of the international flights to and from Haiti and a number of domestic flights (within Haiti). The airport itself has two terminals: a domestic terminal and an international terminal. The airport is located in the Port-au-Prince area, which has a number of hotels nearby that are easily accessible by taxi or car.

The Airport offers many services to travelers: there are over 50 restaurants/cafes at Toussaint Louverture International Airport; there’s also a bookstore, post office, money exchange offices, currency changers, and ATMs available for use.

Address: Port-au-Prince Boulevard Toussaint Louverture, 1792, Haïti

Phone: +509 48 92 8035


Elevation: 121′

Serves: Port-au-Prince


2.Hinche Airport

Hinche Airport, best airport in haiti
Hinche Airport

Hinche Airport is located in the town of Hinche, Ouest. The airport served as a base for American forces during World War II. They knew it under various names – “Brigade Airfield No. 11” (from December 17, 1942, to March 20, 1943), “Airstrip B-11” (from March 21, 1943, until 1945), and from April 1944 also as “British Airport.” It consists of one runway with dimensions 800 x 30 m.

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The facility has been rebuilt since January 2013. It reopened after being closed for over six years due to earthquake damage; some US troops have recently returned there on what’s called PAP mission – Partnership Augmentation Proposal. So now this one is one of the major airports in Haiti.

Address: 306, Hinche, Haiti

Airport type Public

Operator Autorité Aéroportuaire Nationale

Serves Hinche, Haiti

Elevation AMSL 854 ft / 260 m

3.Jacmel Airport

Jacmel Airport in Haiti, biggest airport in Haiti
Jacmel Airport

Jacmel Airport is the third-largest airport in Haiti. It provides a terminal with passenger facilities and has parking space for aircraft.

The Airport was established on February 18, 1969, by President François Duvalier as part of his focus to expanding Jacmel as an industrial center. The Airport provides flights to Port Au Prince Airport (PAP), Cap Haïtien Airport (CAP), and international destinations like Miami Beach International Airport(MBB).

During 2006, over 30 commercial flights were performed from this airport every week while it served about 600 passengers per day during that same year, according to Haiti’s Civil Aviation Authority statistics.

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Airport type- Public

Operator- Autorité Aéroportuaire Nationale

Serves- Jacmel, Haiti

Location- Jacmel, Haiti

Elevation AMSL- 167 ft / 51 m

Website -

4.Jérémie Airport

Jérémie Airport, busiest airport in Haiti
Jérémie Airport

Jérémie Airport is located in the Jérémie commune, Grand’Anse department. The airport was opened on April 15, 1964, and has a runway of 1743 meters (5764 ft) long by 45 m (147ft) wide.

The Airport provides ground transportation services such as taxi service at an affordable price. Public buses also transport people across various Haitian cities, including Port-au-Prince, Cap Haïtien, and Les Cayes, among others.

There are two terminals which provide facilities for both arrivals and departures with numerous shops selling all sorts of goods inside.

Airport type- Public

Operator- Autorité Aéroportuaire Nationale

Elevation AMSL- 147 ft / 45 m


5.Antoine-Simon Airport

Antoine-Simon Airport in Haiti
Antoine-Simon Airport

The Antoine Simon Airport is a public international airport located about 27 kilometers northwest of Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital and second-largest city.

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It is the busiest airport in this island nation, with about 120 airplanes going every day. This includes cargo flights as well as passenger airlines. This airport was named after a military leader who died when his plane crashed. He was going to fly to Africa for an AIDS conference, but he died before takeoff. The Antoine Simon Airport is in Haiti. It has two runways that are both asphalt surfaces measuring 2550 meters x 45 meters. Airport authorities monitor all air traffic at this airport, and it is a major hub for Haiti.

Airport type- Public

Operator- Autorité Aéroportuaire Nationale

Serves- Les Cayes, Haiti

Elevation AMSL- 98 ft / 30 m


6.Port-de-Paix Airport

Port-de-Paix Airport, airport in Haiti
Port-de-Paix Airport

Port-de-Paix Airport is a regional airport serving the Caribbean coast of northern Haiti. It was inaugurated by François Duvalier (Papa Doc) on December 16, 1968, and it has an asphalt runway with dimensions of 1250m x 30m.

The Port de Paix Airport mainly serves flights to other north Haitian destinations, such as Cap Haitien, and international flights to Miami International Airport and Santiago Mariño Airport in Venezuela.

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Airport type- Public

Operator- Autorité Aéroportuaire Nationale

Serves- Port-de-Paix, Haiti

Elevation AMSL- 9 ft / 3 m


7.Anse-à-Galets Airport

Anse à Galets Airport is the largest airport and only international airport located on the Caribbean island of La Gonave. It features a paved runway that measures 900 m (2953 ft) long x 23 m (75 ft) wide. The airport also has an asphalt taxiway measuring 700 m (2297 ft). There are no scheduled flights to or from this small airfield, but it has customs facilities for private aircraft visitors.

Airport type- Public

Operator- Autorité Aéroportuaire Nationale

Serves- Anse à Galets, Haiti

Elevation- AMSL 16 ft / 5 m

8.Anse-Rouge Airport

Anse-Rouge Airport in Haiti
Anse-Rouge Airport

Anse Rouge Airport is a public airport located south of the town of Anse-Rouge. It operates from Monday to Friday during daytime hours with no scheduled service at night or on weekends and holidays. The runway length does not allow large aircraft to land there. This airport has one unpaved runway, which measures 2500 by 60 meters (2700 yd × 90 yd), less than ideal for any kind of operation significantly larger airplanes. In addition, it lacks parking areas for ground transportation like buses and cars that would be needed if this were an international airport.

9.Belladère Airport

Belladère Airport is a public international airport located between the municipalities of Bellaire and Belladere. The Airport has one runway that is 1500 meters long, which can accommodate aircrafts such as Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, Airbus A340, or even smaller ones like DC-11.

It also has two taxiways with three bridges each. In total, there are 18 points for takeoff and landing at this airport, and it operates round the clock, 365 days a year.

Airport type- Public

Operator- Autorité Aéroportuaire Nationale

Location- Belladère

10.Dame-Marie Airport

Dame-Marie Airport is a secondary hub for Copa Airlines but mostly offers domestic flights. This Airport also accommodates the largest number of freight aircraft operations and passengers along with one daycare facility. This airport made the list because it has a modern building inaugurated by Jean Chrétien and Bill Clinton. In addition, it has provisions for international arrivals.

It can accommodate up to 350 flights per week and has an annual capacity of 500 thousand passengers or 10000 tons cargo per year.

Airport type- Public

Serves- Dame-Marie

Elevation AMSL- 157 ft / 48 m


We’ve done our research and compiled the top ten best airports in Haiti with all their facilities. Now you can travel through one of these airports and not worry about your luggage or getting lost! If there are any other services that you would like us to include, please let us know to make a complete list for you.