Top Three Busiest Airport in Grenada 2022

It’s summertime, and you’re getting ready to travel to Grenada. You’ve booked your tickets; now it’s time to find the perfect airport in Grenada for your arrival. Fortunately, three airports can help make your journey as seamless as possible. In this blog post, we will look at these three airports and what they offer travelers from their different perspectives.

1.Maurice Bishop International Airport

Maurice Bishop International Airport, main airport in Grenada
Maurice Bishop International Airport

Maurice Bishop International Airport is one of the best airports in Grenada. It is located in the southwest region of Grenada. 

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Maurice Bishop Airport was renamed after Maurice Bishop, a revolutionary and political leader fighting for liberation from Great Britain. This airport opened up on May 20th, 1983. It has two runways that are both paved with tarmac surfaces. The runway length is 1280 meters (400 ft).

The Airport has a passenger terminal that is located southwest of the airport as well. There are two departures and arrivals gates, which makes it easy for passengers to move around quickly.

Maurice Bishop Airport was designed with many amenities, including restaurants and retail shops. The Airport also includes an ATM machine just before going through security screening at customs.

There are taxis available outside of each entrance gate on either side of the Airport property. They can be found by following signs leading to baggage claim or ground transportation areas where you will find these cabs waiting patiently.

2.Pearls Airport – Airport in Grenada

Pearls Airport, Best Airport in Grenada
Pearls Airport

Pearls Airport is a commercial airport that serves the city of Grenada. Since then, it was opened in 1987 and has been providing air service to tourists, workers, government officials, and other visitors.

The airport features two runways with asphalt surfaces and instrument landing systems (ILS) used by both domestic aircraft and international flights coming from North America or Europe. There is also an extension being built on one side of the runway for future expansion needs.

The Airport provides many services such as restaurants, check-in desks, duty-free shops, and even ATMs, among other things, so you can find what you need before take-off time or right after arrival at Pearls Airport.

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Airport type– Public

Operator- Grenada Airports Authority

Location- Grenville, Grenada

3.Lauriston Airport

Lauriston Airport
Lauriston Airport

Located in the capital of Grenada, the Lauriston Airport is a small airport that provides flights to and from many other Caribbean islands. It is serviced by Eastern Air Lines (formerly known as Caribair), which only serves on Monday and Friday.

The airport has been recently renovated to Airport Operations Centre (AOC) status. The airport is located on the southwest coast of Grenada and provides a view of Grand Etang Lake, which is just south of it.

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What do you think? How was your experience with the Top three Best Airport in Grenada, and what are some of the facilities and services they provide? If you need more information about these airports, don’t forget to comment below!

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