Top Ten Airport in Ecuador 2022 | Largest Airport in Ecuador

Ecuador has many airports; some are better than others. This airport ranking list will show you the ten best airports in Ecuador. The criteria for this airport ranking are based on the airport facility and service they provide to passengers and their location, accessibility, and other factors.

Top Ten Best Airports in Ecuador

The top ten best airports in Ecuador are not only the busiest but also the most beautiful. These airports offer a variety of services, from restaurants and bars to shopping and airport lounges. They also have facilities for disabled passengers with wheelchairs, ramps, etc. Some even have on-site hotels which allow you to stay close by when your flight is delayed or canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. Here are some of the top 10 best airports in Ecuador: 

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1.Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Ecuador

Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Ecuador, best airport in Ecuador
Mariscal Sucre International Airport

Mariscal Sucre International Airport is located in Quito, Ecuador, and ranks first on our list. The airport has an international airport terminal, and a domestic airport terminal opens 24 hours a day to accommodate passengers during their travel time.

Mariscal Sucre International Airport is the best airport in Ecuador. However, many shops are available that provide services such as food courts, cafés, bars, duty-free shops, pharmacies, etc., for travelers’ convenience.

The Mariscal Sucre International Airport offers facilities for disabled people with ramps and wheelchairs if needed or requested. There’s even hotel accommodation within the airport premises so you can rest before your flight without having to leave the airport area altogether!

Address: Nuevo Aeropuerto Internacional de Quito Tababela S/N – Via, Quito 170907, Ecuador

Phone: +593 2-395-4260

Code: UIO

Hub for: Avianca Ecuador, LATAM Ecuador

Opened: February 20, 2013

Serves: Quito

Elevation: 7,874 ft

2.José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport

José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport
José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport

José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport is one of the biggest airports in Ecuador. It is near Portoviejo, and it can handle more than one million people. It was inaugurated in 1977; the airport offers ground services like car rentals and taxis to move around and has shopped for last-minute purchases.

3.Seymour Airport in Ecuador

Seymour Airport, biggest airport in Ecuador
Seymour Airport

Seymour Airport is the third major airport in Ecuador. It was first opened in 1948 and had a major airport terminal that includes an airport mall. The airport is situated northeast of the city center, with its runway measuring 3400 meters long by 45 meters wide.

The airport offers a VIP lounge for passengers traveling on international flights. It also provides services such as shuttle to hotels and rental cars upon exiting from customs. There are four terminals in Seymour Airport, namely Terminal A, B, C, and D, which provide all types of facilities like restaurants, stores among others.

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Address: Aeropuerto Seymour de Baltra, Isla Baltra Baltra, Ecuador

Phone: +593 5-253-4004

Code: GPS

Elevation: 207′

Serves: Baltra Island, Galápagos Islands

4.Mariscal Lamar International Airport

Mariscal Lamar International Airport
Mariscal Lamar International Airport

Mariscal Lamar International airport was opened in the year 1947. It is located in Quito, Ecuador. The airport has a free outdoor parking lot and offers domestic flights to Guayaquil, Cuenca, and Baños, as well as international flights to Miami, Houston, and Madrid. This one is one of the best international airports in Ecuador.

The airport handles about 700 000 passengers annually.

Address: Av. España, Cuenca 010107, Ecuador

Phone: +593 7-286-7120

Code: CUE

Serves: Cuenca

5.San Cristóbal Airport in Ecuador

San Cristóbal Airport, major airport in Ecuador
San Cristóbal Airport

San Cristóbal Airport is the airport with the most international traffic in Ecuador, and it also has domestic flights. The airport was inaugurated on October 21, 1974, as “Colonel Enrique Peralta Azocar” airport. It’s located 18 miles from Quito airport at an elevation of 3075 meters above sea level.

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The airport has a bar, medical clinic, car rental agencies, including Avis and Hertz. It also has three restaurants like McDonald’s and Subway. The airport offers a WiFi service for waiting for passengers too!

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Address: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Ecuador

Code: SCY

Elevation: 62′

Serves: Galápagos Islands

6.Eloy Alfaro International Airport

Eloy Alfaro International Airport
Eloy Alfaro International Airport

Eloy Alfaro airport is the sixth airport on our list for the top ten best airports in Ecuador.

This airport has two runways and one terminal building with a capacity of five million passengers per year. It services flights to North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. The airport has parking lots, food courts, duty-free shops, and VIP lounges. You can book them before you go. The first letter of the company’s name is Air France or Delta Airlines.

Address: 28W8+R8Q, Manta, Ecuador

Code: MEC

Elevation: 49′

7.Francisco de Orellana Airport

Francisco de Orellana Airport
Francisco de Orellana Airport

Francisco de Orellana Airport is the airport located in Guayaquil. The airport is known for being one of the busiest airports with more than 17 million passengers annually, and it’s a hub to TAME Ecuadorian airline, which provides domestic flights.

Francisco de Orellana airport offers various facilities like restaurants, medical services, and gift shops, so if you are looking for entertainment on your layover, this might be an option for you!

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Address: G2Q7+8G3, Francisco de Orellana, Ecuador

Code: OCC

Serves: Coca

8.Ciudad de Catamayo Airport

Ciudad de Catamayo Airport is an airport near the town of Catamayo in Ecuador. The airport is about from Quito, which makes it a perfect airport for people looking to travel to and from Quito by air without having to worry about traveling too far out of their way. 

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The airport has flights coming in from many different airports worldwide, including London, Paris, New York City, and others. You can have a good time at the airport by going to the restaurants and stores. This is a place you can wait for your flight. You can shop before you go through security.

Address: 2J3J+727, Catamayo, Ecuador

Phone: +593 99 631 3753

Code: LOH

Elevation: 4,055′

Serves: Loja

9.Lago Agrio Airport

Lago Agrio Airport
Lago Agrio Airport

Lago Agrio Airport is located in the Azuay province and has a modern terminal inaugurated on March 27, 1988. It also offers night flights with connections to Quito or Guayaquil. In addition, this airport handles domestic flights and international ones from both countries of Peru and Colombia. 

The airport does not offer any public transportation for passengers who arrive here by bus or car. Instead, they offer taxis to take the passengers from the airport to downtown Lago Agrio City.

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Address: Balsas 220, Nueva Loja, Ecuador

Phone: +593 98 925 5803

Code: LGQ

Serves: Nueva Loja

10.Colonel Carlos Concha Torres Airport

Colonel Carlos Concha Torres Airport
Colonel Carlos Concha Torres Airport

Colonel Carlos Concha Torres Airport – also known as Tocache airport– is situated at an elevation of 2700 meters above sea level, with its runway measuring 1800 meters long by 45 m wide. The airport provides passenger terminal buildings, hangars for aircraft maintenance, and parking areas for private planes.

Address: X9FG+H3W, Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Phone: +593 95 956 0672

Code: ESM

Serves: Esmeraldas


We hope we were able to provide you with the information that you need on these ten of the best airports in Ecuador. If there is anything else, you would like us to cover, please let us know!