Busiest Airport in Australia 2022

Australia contains some of the most well-known and busiest airports in the world. Whether you are going on a holiday or for work, you will need to know what is available at these airports before arrival. Airport parking facilities have become more important than ever when it comes to passengers arriving with their cars. Airport restaurants have also been designed to make your time spent waiting for your flightless boring and more enjoyable. We compiled a list of the top ten best airports in Australia.

Top Ten Best Airport in Australia

Are you looking for a new airport to fly through?

The best airports in Australia are ranked based on their customer service, facilities, and amenities. If you’re interested in flying through an Australian airport, this list is the perfect place to start.

We want you to have the best experience possible when flying into or out of Australia, so we compiled this list of the top ten airports in Australia for your convenience. Whether travelling domestically or internationally, these airports will provide excellent service and make your trip as smooth as possible.

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1.Sydney Airport- Best Airport in Australia

Sydney Airport, busiest airport in australia
Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport is the busiest airport in Australia, with more than 40 million passengers passing through it every year. The airport provides passengers with a wide range of facilities: free WiFi connection to the internet, health and beauty shops, food court, prayer room, etc…

It is also one of the most environmentally friendly airports in the world.

  • It has four terminals and six runways.
  • Terminal One hosts Virgin Airlines’ domestic operations while Terminal Two to Four hosts international flights.
  • The Transit Link provides free bus service from Airport Drive at Mascot Station on Airport Line of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra line metro railway services; and also buses on Sydney Buslines routes 400/401 that go direct to Bondi Junction or Circular Quay via Kings Cross station in the city centre.
  • There are two lots for long-stay parking: short term (under 24 hours) car park P14 located next to the Airport’s Terminal One; and long term (over 24 hours) car park P16.
  • Airport shuttle services are available to and from Sydney Airport.
  • There is a train service that will take you to the city centre in about 40 minutes.

Because all of these facilities make, this airport is the best airport in Australia.

Address: Sydney NSW 2020, Australia
Phone: +61 2 9667 9111

Code: SYD
Number of runways: 3
Elevation: 9 m
Focus city for Air New Zealand
Serves: Sydney
WMO Code: 94767

2.Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport is the Largest airport in Australia, located in Tullamarine. The airport has two terminals and a total of 12 gates. It provides services to all state capital cities within the country and many international destinations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Seoul, and London.

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In 2016-2017 it had an annual turnover of AUD 11 billion making it one of the most profitable airports globally with over 27 million passengers every year. Melbourne Airport offers free WiFi for its customers.

The airport has a lot of shops. Some are inside the building, and some are outside. There is Aroma Espresso Bar, Baker & Spice Bakery Café, and Kingpin Donuts. There is also Airport Diner, Subway, and Costa.

There are many different services you can use. You can hire a car from Avis or Thrifty Car Rentals for the airport. There is also a taxi rank outside the terminal. If you need wheelchair access, free shuttles will be available from Tullamarine Park & Ride, one kilometre away.

Address: Melbourne Airport VIC 3045, Australia
Phone: +61 3 9297 1600
Code: MEL
Area: 23.69 km²
Elevation: 132 m
Number of runways: 2
Hub for: Jetstar, Qantas, Rex Airlines, Virgin Australia Airlines
Serves: Melbourne
WMO Code: 94866

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3.Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport, best airport in australia
Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport is the third busiest airport in Australia and services both domestic flights as well as international. The airport provides access to 35 destinations on six continents worldwide, with its three terminals serving all types of airlines. Terminal One operates exclusively for Qantas Airways, while Terminals Two and Three also service Jetstar, Virgin, and Tigerair.

Travellers can enjoy a range of facilities, including restaurants, duty-free shops, cafes, bars, play areas for children, and more at Brisbane Airport. There are plenty of car rental companies available too, so you’ll be able to get moving when it’s time to leave!

Car parking is available for short-term, long-term, or casual visitors to Brisbane Airport.

Address: Airport Dr, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008, Australia
Code: BNE
Number of runways: 2
Owner: Leased Commonwealth Airport
Elevation: 4 m
Hub for: Alliance Airlines, Jetstar, Qantas, Toll Group, Virgin Australia Airlines
Serves: Brisbane
WMO Code: 94578
Phone: +61 7 3406 3000

4.Perth Airport

Perth Airport,Largest airport in australia,
Perth Airport

Perth Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Australia. It offers car rental, hotel booking, and parking services that cater to travellers during their layover. They provide express train service from Perth Airport to the city center of Perth, which takes 15 minutes on average; alternatively, there are also buses through Transperth or taxis at all hours of day or night for those who don’t have much time.

The most notable feature about this airport is its location: it has a direct line-of-sight with downtown Sydney Airport – some 350km away! This means you can watch planes fly right over your head while waiting for your flight home here in WA! In addition to being close to other major airports like Singapore Changi Airport and Hong Kong Airport, it also has a flight to the US West Coast that operates six times per week.

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The facilities at Perth Airport are modern, with all of the amenities you could ask for during your waiting time, such as an international arrival hall, car rental desks and currency exchange service.

It is one of the best airports in Australia because there’s never too much downtime due to its location near other major transport hubs like Sydney Airport or Singapore Changi Airport.”

Address: Perth Airport WA 6105, Australia
Phone: +61 8 9478 8888
Code: PER
Focus city for Jetstar; Virgin Australia
Owners: AustralianSuper, Citicorp Nominees Pty Ltd
Serves: Perth, Western Australia
Elevation: 20 m
Number of runways: 2
WMO Code: 94610

5.Adelaide Airport

Adelaide Airport,busiest airport in australia,
best airport in australia,
Adelaide Airport

Adelaide Airport, also known as Adelaide Airport Terminal Building or AAM-Adelaide Airport Management. It is the busiest airport in Australia for passengers going through its terminal building and was ranked 27th busiest airport for international passenger traffic worldwide.

This airport is for people who are flying to Australia. There are three terminals and 20 cities in Australia that have flights on major airlines. Some of the codeshares are with Singapore and Virgin.

Address: 1 James Schofield Dr, Adelaide Airport SA 5950, Australia
Phone: +61 8 8308 9211
Code: ADL
Hub for: Alliance Airlines, Qantas, Rex Airlines, Sharp Airlines, Cobham Aviation Services Australia
Elevation: 6 m
Serves: Adelaide
Passengers: 8,527,000
Movements: 103,212
WMO Code: 94672

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6.Gold Coast Airport

Gold Coast Airport, international airport in australia
Gold Coast Airport

Gold Coast Airport is the sixth busiest airport in Australia, with over 12.100,000 passengers passing through it every year. The airport has a domestic terminal and an international terminal that is operated by Gold Coast Airport Limited (GCLA).

There are two runways, and you can get your bags checked. There is a cafe and shops for food and things you might need before getting on the plane. There are gates where people can wait until their plane leaves for 67 destinations across 20 countries, including North America, New Zealand, and Singapore.

With parking available on both sides of the runway complex, there is plenty of space to accommodate any size or type of vehicle while aircraft’s taxis along aprons are nearing departure time.

Address: Terminal Dr, Bilinga QLD 4225, Australia
Phone: +61 7 5589 1100
Focus city for Virgin Australia
Owner/operator: Queensland Airports Limited
Elevation: 6 m
Hub for: Jetstar
Serves: Gold Coast, Queensland; Tweed Heads, New South Wales
WMO Code: 94592

7.Cairns Airport

Cairns Airport, Largest airport in australia
Cairns Airport

Cairns Airport is one of the largest airports in Australia. It has a single runway and two passenger terminals that can handle up to 15 million passengers each year; 16 percent are domestic travellers, while 84% are international tourists. The airport also has three cargo terminals that handled over 650,000 tonnes of freight during the 2018-2019 financial year.

The main terminal building has food and drinks. It also has things that people need when travelling, like news, medicine, and shopping. There is also a hotel inside the building which can hold 200 people. There’s plenty more besides; there is a golf course nearby, making Cairns Airport Golf Course accessible from inside the airport.

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Address: Airport Ave, Cairns City QLD 4870, Australia
Departments: Cairns Airport T2 – Domestic Terminal
Phone: +61 7 4080 6703
Elevation: 3 m
Hub for: Jetstar, Skytrans Airlines, QantasLink
Serves: Cairns, Queensland, Australia
WMO Code: 94287

8.Canberra Airport

Canberra Airport, busiest airport in australia
Canberra Airport

Canberra Airport is the eighth busiest airport in Australia. It was first built in 1941 and now caters to around two million passengers every year, making it one of the smaller airports. Canberra Airport has a single runway that runs east-west with parallel taxiways at either end for aircraft parking or emergency use only. The terminal building is located near the centre of the airfield while there are many hangars situated along its southern boundary.”

Address: Terminal Cct, Australian Capital Territory 2609, Australia
Phone: +61 2 6275 2222
Code: CBR
Elevation: 575 m
WMO Code: 94926

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9.Hobart Airport

Hobart Airport, international airport in australia
Hobart Airport

Hobart Airport is one of the best airports in Australia. Hobart Airport is located on the eastern shore of Tasmania and offers flights to other airports in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. The Airport provides amenities such as a shopping area, two cafes for food & beverage service, a conference room with a capacity of 18 people that can be used for private functions or meetings/events, and an outdoor viewing balcony that overlooks the runway.

There are three boarding gates numbered B20/B21/B22; each gate has mobile pedestals for passengers who need assistance getting onto their flight.

Location: Hobart, Tasmania
Website: https://hobartairport.com.au/

10.Darwin International Airport

Darwin International Airport, busiest airport in australia
Darwin International Airport

Darwin Airport has a long enough runway to accommodate most of the world’s largest aircraft, including the Airbus 380 and Boeing 747. In addition, the airport is equipped with modern navigation systems as well as two major cargo terminals.

The airport is located in Darwin, Northern Territory – 13 km from Casuarina Beach on an island between Bathurst Harbour and Ludmilla Bay. It provides flights within Australia, the Asia Pacific region & Europe. Facilities include restaurants, shops, cafes, car hire, desks, baggage trolleys, internet access at selected locations, WiFi throughout the terminal; children play areas, 24-hour food court, showers conference rooms, gymnasium, underground short term parking facilities, taxis, buses, shuttle bus service, coach services, public phone and more one.

Location: Darwin, Northern Territory



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the top ten airports in Australia and learned something new about them. If you have any feedback, please let us know by leaving a comment below! Which airport is your favorite?