Top Ten Airport in Angola 2022

Angola is a country with many airports. To help travelers find the best airport, we compiled a list of the top ten best airports in Angola. This list is based on different factors such as accessibility, safety, and affordability. 

Here we will discuss the types of amenities that travelers can expect at each airport listed are.

Top Ten Best Airport in Angola

Are you planning a trip to Angola? Then, check out these top ten best airports in the country. Here’s what you need to know about each airport, from their location and amenities to which airlines fly through them!

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1.Quatro de Fevereiro Airport

Quatro de Fevereiro Airport, Best Airport in Angola
Quatro de Fevereiro Airport

Quatro de Fevereiro Airport is the best airport in Angola. The airport is located in Luanda, Angola’s capital and largest city. The airport offers direct flights to African cities, including Johannesburg, Lagos, Nairobi, and Lusaka, as well as international destinations like Paris (CDG), London-Heathrow Airport, and Lisbon Airport.

It operates both domestic services and some international connections through several different carriers that operate from this terminal within Angola itself. Some airlines will provide a small lounge area where you can wait before your flight. You will not be interrupted or bumped off of the plane because it is overbooked.

This airport has some facilities including restaurants, bars, and shops.

The Airport is one of the busiest airports in Angola, with a total passenger throughput of about 600 000 passengers per year.

It has two runways around 1700 meters long each and can handle Airbus A320s up to Boeing 747s and cargo planes like Antonov An-225.

Address: Luanda, Angola
Departments: Airport Domestic Terminal
Phone: +244 442352387
Code: LAD
Elevation: 74 m
Hub for: Fly Angola; TAAG Angola Airlines

2.Angola International Airport

Angola International Airport, Busiest airport in Angola
Angola International Airport

Angola international Airport in Luanda is the busiest airport in Angola. It has a capacity of five million passengers annually, and it is operated by ANA Aeroportos de Angola (ANAA). The Airport itself was built to serve over 11 Million Passenger Annual Capacity but with more than 17 International Destination Points, extending its estimated potential passenger traffic up to 25Million per annum.

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Airport Facilities:

  • Airport Lounges for VIP Passengers
  • Duty-Free Stores
  • Restaurants/Bars within the terminal building
  • Accessibility Granted For People With Disabilities Services
  • Currency Exchange Service Available Upon Request.

Contact Details:

Owner: Government of Angola
Serves: Luanda
Address: WFXX+RH5, Luanda, Angola

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3.Catumbela Airport

Catumbela Airport
Catumbela Airport

Catumbela Airport is one of the Biggest Airports in Angola. The Catumbela Airport is located about 43 kilometers north of Benguela City and occupies nearly 217 hectares (0.46 sq mi). The terminal has a capacity for up to 400 passengers per hour. This facility also provides facilities for cargo handling as well as parking areas and hangars for aircraft maintenance.

The Airport is well equipped for night operations; it has the necessary lighting systems on both ends of the runway as well as in front of the terminal building.

Code: CBT

Serves: Catumbela

Address: GF4R+F38, Catumbela, Angola

4.Soyo Airport

Soyo Airport
Soyo Airport

Soyo Airport is one of the largest airports in Angola. It offers flights to North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The airport can hold up to 500 000 passengers per month. The airport has a runway size of 3300 meters or 10105 feet long with an asphalt surface that allows for Heavy Lifting Aircrafts such as Cargo Planes and Military Jets.

The Airport houses a few restaurants and bars for weary travelers to enjoy while waiting for their next flight. Still, there are no hotels on-site, so you will have to find other accommodations if your stay extends beyond overnight transit time. There is an ATM outside of security on the ground floor before entering customs which provides cash services. You can exchange money here from USD or EUR

Code: SZA

Elevation: 15 m

Serves: Soyo

Address: Soyo, Angola

5.Lubango Airport

Lubango Airport
Lubango Airport

Lubango Airport is the fifth busiest airport in Angola. Its terminal has a capacity for two million passengers, and it offers flights to six cities in Angola. The Airport is located in the center of town, just by Av. das Forças Armadas and near all hotels, banks, and restaurants. In addition, the Airport has a restaurant, coffee shop, and duty-free shops.

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There are seven aircraft parking stands at this airport, six on paved surfaces and one under construction near Terminal B that can accommodate large aircrafts such as Boeing 747 or Airbus A340/A380 type planes.

Code: SDD

Serves: Lubango

Phone: +244 925 026 211

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6.Cabinda Airport

Cabinda Airport
Cabinda Airport

Cabinda Airport is one of the Largest Airports in Angola. It has a runway of 2900 meters length and 45 m width, accommodating international aircraft such as Boeing 747-400 series or Airbus A320 family. The airport handles more than 750 passengers per day with support from various airlines like TAAG Angola Airlines, Air Macau SARL, Air China Limited, Aeroflot Russian International Airlines, and many others.

The Airport offers plenty of facilities to travelers, including a car parking lot for around 50 cars at any given time, a convenience store selling all sorts of items needed during long flights, a food court serving foods such as sandwiches and pastries along other drinks (water).

Code: CAB

Elevation: 66 m

Serves: Cabinda

Phone: +244 948 893 747

7.Menongue Airport

Menongue Airport
Menongue Airport

Menongue Airport is an international airport serving the city of Menongue, Angola. It has one runway with a length of 2800 meters and a width of 60 m that intersect at right angles. The airport offers commercial flights to Luanda and Johannesburg in South Africa by TAAG-Angola Airlines, but there are no direct connections outside these two cities.

The airport was built in Portugal’s country of Cabinda. They started building it in 1975 and finished it in 1977. The airport was part of a modernization strategy, where they also built new water supply systems, drainage systems, ports, highways.

Code: SPP

Elevation: 4,469 m

Phone: +244 939 376 105

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8.Namibe Airport

Namibe airport is located about fifteen miles south of the city and handles both domestic and international flights. This airport has a building for people who want to fly privately and a building for scheduled flights. It also has a place where goods can be stored while they are being flown by air. The six thousand square meter terminal includes duty-free shops, eateries, luggage handling facilities, etc., while there are also car parks with 120 spaces available on site.

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Code: MSZ

Serves: Namibe

Elevation: 210 m

Address: P5R2+X5F, Namibe, Angola

9.Ondjiva Pereira Airport

Ondjiva Pereira Airport
Ondjiva Pereira Airport

Ondjiva Pereira Airport is the ninth busiest airport in Angola. It serves as an international airport, although it was originally a civil and military airfield but has since been converted to serve its current purpose only. The terminal building can accommodate up to 600 passengers at any given time. Airlines that fly from this airstrip include TAAG Angola Airlines and Empresa Angolana de Aviacao Civil – ENAVIC.

There are no car parking facilities available here, so drivers have to drop their passengers off and then park elsewhere.


Serves: Ondjiva

Address: XM2Q+QQX, Ondjiva, Angola

10.Albano Machado Airport

Albano Machado Airport
Albano Machado Airport

Albano Machado Airport is situated in the south of Luanda, Angola. The passenger terminal has about one million passengers per year and includes a cargo terminal. The runway has an area of 18 000 m² (200 000 sq ft).

The Airport is the headquarters of the Angolan flag carrier, TAAG. There are no scheduled international flights to or from Albania Machado Airport. However, there are some military and cargo services operated by TAAG Angola Airlines out of this airport. It also has a single terminal with two passenger gates for departure and arrival operations which can be extended on demand.

Code: NOV

Elevation: 1,703 m

Serves: Huambo

Phone: +244 934 384 554


We hope you get the chance to visit one of these airports in Angola and enjoy what they have to offer. If you need any more information before your travels, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Have a great day!