Top Ten Airport in Albania 2022 | Albania Airports Codes

Albania is a beautiful country with many beautiful sights to see. However, if you find yourself in Albania for more than a day or two, you may have the chance of visiting an airport. This list will rank ten of the best airports in Albania based on their customer service and amenities. 

Airports in Albania

There are only three international airports in Albania, which means that the country has a deficient number of air transport facilities. However, the largest Airport is located in Tirana, and it offers international flights to many European countries as well as some African destinations.

Top Ten Best Airports in Albania

Everyone has their favorite Airport. Some people like big airports, while others prefer smaller ones. So what are the best airports in Albania? Airport rankings were determined based on factors, including passenger reviews, popularity, and star rating. Let’s discuss ten of the best major airports in Albania.

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1.Tirana International Airport

Tirana International Airport
Tirana International Airport

Tirana International Airport is the largest Airport in Albania. This famous international Airport is located in Tirana and offers flights to many European countries and some African destinations.

Opened in 1955, this Airport provides more than a thousand flight movements each day and welcomes around two million passengers annually. 

Tirana International Airport has an IATA Code of TIA or LYRTAF (LRT). The Airport operates on three runways 2900 meters long, with one operating at 7700 feet above sea level! 

The busiest airline flying into Tirana International Airport is Wizz Air which flies over 50 routes from all corners of Europe, while Ryanair only flies five different routes from Ireland and Switzerland. 

Location: Rinas
Number- 355 4 238 1600

2.Kukës International Airport

Kukës International Airport, largest Airport in Albania
Kukës International Airport

Kukës International Airport is the second-largest airport in Albania. It has flights to major Albanian cities and international destinations such as Milan, London, and Frankfurt.

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The Airport was first opened on May 18th, 1951, by King Zog I with a runway of only 800 m and an open-air terminal building that could handle 150 passengers at a time. As Kukës Airport grew rapidly, it needed more infrastructure to build the current passenger terminal complex, which can now serve up to 650 thousand passengers per year.

Location: Shtiqën
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3.Vlorë International Airport

Vlorë International Airport
Vlorë International Airport

Vlorë Airport is the third-largest airport in Albania, after Tirana Airport and Gjirokastra Airport. This one is one of the major airports in Albania. It serves Vlorë City as well as other smaller towns on Albanian Riviera (coasts), including Himarë, Parga, etc. The airfield was constructed during World War II by Nazi Germany’s Luftwaffe forces occupying Albania.

It has a single runway made of asphalt, which measures 2400 meters in length and 45 meters wide; its heading orientation is 07/25 for take-offs and 12/30 for landings, with two taxiways meeting it from each side along with a terminal building located near the end of one of them.

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Location: Akerni

4.Gjirokastër Airfield Airport 

Gjirokastër Airfield Airport is a military airport in Gjirokastër, Albania. Its runway is long and wide (class: 06/24).

The Airport was completed in 1929, and it has been used for the transportation of goods to remote regions as well as people from other cities. The Airport has one runway that can hold up to six planes at a time. It is typically for small or medium-sized planes.

Location: Gjirokastër



5.Korçë Airfield

Korçë Airfield, major airport in albania
Korçë Airfield

The Korçë Airfield is the largest Airport in Albania. This country has about two million, and this Airport serves more than one hundred thousand passengers annually. It offers seven commercial airlines with four domestic carriers, three international ones, plus cargo flights daily from here to Tirana International Airport. This Airport was first made during World War II. But it wasn’t until 1974 that people started to work on it. The Airport opened in 1978, later than the planned year, but on October 25th, not November 1st as planned.

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Location: Lumalas



6.Sarandë Airfield- Airports in Albania

Sarandë Airfield- Airports in Albania
Sarandë Airfield- Airports in Albania

Sarandë Airfield is the sixth-largest Airport in Albania. It operates domestic flights to Tirana and international connections to Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, and Macedonia.

The Sarandë Airfield Airport was founded in 1932 as a military airbase but later served civilian passengers because of its proximity with Greece. The Airport has been expanded several times since then. In 2000 it got an expansion project that enabled them to host more airlines, including Ryanair, WizzAir, and Germanwings, to offer low fares for their customers.

Location: Finiq



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7.Shkodër Airfield

Shkodër Airfield
Shkodër Airfield

Shkodër Airfield Airport is located in the city of Shkodër, Albania.

– Airport code: SHQ (IATA).

– Airport opened on October 17th, 1969, for civil operations and services.

Shkodër Airfield Airport is close to Tirana International Airport, which is 60km away. A taxi costs 100 Leke per person one way. You can use Uber or Taxify Lyft application where the drivers charge less because they are not registered with any company.

The Airport’s runway is made of asphalt, and the Airport has one terminal with two gates for commercial airlines, shops, stalls, cafés, bars, and restaurants.

Shkodër Airport offers some flights from Durrës, Tirana, and Elbasan. These are airports near Shkodër. It also has flights to Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport in France.

Location: Shtoj



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8.Tiranë Heliport Airport in Albania

Tiranë Heliport Airport in Albania, main airport in albania
Tiranë Heliport Airport in Albania

Tiranë Heliport Airport is one of the largest and busiest airfields in Albania. Located near Tirana, it was originally a military facility that has been expanded for commercial use. After Communism, the Airport had a runway that was 3000 meters long. It has been improved since 1990 with new control towers and other buildings so international airlines will come back to this country. The old Communist name “Rinas Airport” had been abandoned as early as 1987 when on September 15th that year, construction began on what would become the current location of Tiranë Airport.

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Location: Farkë



9.Kuçovë Aerodrome

Kuçovë Aerodrome
Kuçovë Aerodrome

Kuçovë Airport is located in the city of Kuçovë, Albania.

The Airport was completed in 2000 and had a runway that can accommodate Boeing 737-800 size aircraft. The Airport also contains an Air Traffic Control Tower, fuel storage facilities, hangars, and passenger lounges. There are no customs or immigration services available at this airport, so it only caters to general aviation.

The Airport’s ICAO code is LKKU, while its IATA code is KUTV.

Location: Kuçovë



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10.Gjadër Aerodrome

Gjadër Aerodrome
Gjadër Aerodrome

Gjadër Aerodrome has a single runway and is operated by the Albanian Air Force. The Airport was built during the 1930s to serve as a substantial military base for Italian forces stationed in Northern Albania.

In 2006 it was reported that this Airport had been abandoned and unusable since 1997, but there are reports from 2014 that it may be reactivated with new investments from private companies.

Location: Gjadër




We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top Ten Best Airports in Albania. If you need any information about these airports or Albanian travel, let us know. Our team is standing by to answer your questions and help plan your trip!